Christ Consciousness
Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness

We are consciousness, and we have multi-dimensions to our consciousness. Some of the dimensions to our consciousness are soul, astral, emotion, energy, spirit, higherself and so on. In our 5th dimensional flow state, we are enlightened, in our 12th dimensional higherself state, we are in the heightened consciousness on higherself = source.

And when we are at one, in unison with this, we are everything and nothing at the same time. We are, and we are not, we are light and we are dark, we are source and source is both light and dark, it is everything. When we flow in that consciousness, we are in Christ Consciousness.

It doesn’t matter if you see that as God or higherself, it is the same, just a different way of looking at it. I prefer to call or source, not a being as such, but a consciousness of all things as one = God = Christ Consciousness.

It’s connected to Divinity, going beyond enlightenment and realising that God/source/light etc is within you ‘inner light’). Enlightenment is about being at peace with everything within you, everything around you, and everything else. However, it lacks creativity because it’s more about flow than it is creativity. However, onesness is more of an energetic thing, because you mught be doing more than living in the moment (enlightenment), you must also being living in ‘Oneness’ too.

Oneness can be understood in many ways, but the way I’m referring to it here in this post is being at one with Source/God/Higherself/Divine = Divinity.

There is a difference between understanding God as a separate being that is superior to you, and understanding God is the light and dark within you. It is everything and nothing, it is light and dark, positive and negative, yin and yang at the same time. It is both because it is one, and not half of the whole (e.g: it is not light nor dark, but both at the same time.

Understanding God, usually means that you understand the light within you. But when you think of the creating force that created the personality of ‘God’, we can understand that as source, which we can understand as ‘Source’. When people think of God, they usually think of light only. But source is more than that, it’s both the light and the dark, the beginning and the end, the positive and the negative, the everything and the nothing. It’s opposite sides of a coin, but they are part of the same coin and they are completely whole, just different angles of the same thing. You now value the dark as much as the light, because it is half of everything that is.And so, being at one with God, would usually be a perception of being in the light (not always), and being at one with source, would usually be a perception of being at one with the whole (again, not always).

In your growth to enlightenment, you learn that you are the light, but that does greatly depend of course, on your beliefs. But when you start to enter Christ Consciousness, if you’ve done your shadow work and inner darkness work, and understood enlightenment at least to the level of being at one with the light, then the next step is for you to embrace your darkness too. This doesn’t mean evil, darkness is just the shadows, the absense of light. Without darkness, light could not exist, and so, it is the essential key ingredient to what makes light what it is – it’s a polarity, and they need each other.

So, when you’ve embraced both, you will be at one and in oneness, and therefore, this is then edging towards Divinity. But for it to be Divinity, you must recognise the Divine force within you. If you do, and you embrace both light and dark too, then you have Christ Consciousness.

When you have Christ Consciousness, praying becomes less important, because you would already have found self realisation, so you’d know that by praying, you would be just praying to yourself in your highest self. Instead, you flow the words of source, you flow the light and love of source, you act out of Divine love.

It was a term that was simply named after the spiritual elevation Jesus achieved during his mortal life.

In seeking Christ Consciousness, the idea is to transcend physical existence and experience one’s own divinity and God-like nature. It is a path of love, peace, harmony and bliss, which leads to an understanding of the omnipresent higher power that connects all beings in the universe.

Once somoene recognises the divine within, Christ Consciousness tends to awaken naturally, gradually, by itself.

Christ Consciousness is beyond the realms of ‘enlightenment’ and ‘consciousness’ as we know it. Christ Consciousness is not an actual place, it’s a state of mind, just like ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’.