Trauma Healing
Trauma Healing

Trauma Healing


I use a variety of techniques including timelines healing to firstly understand your trauma, and then teach you how to overcome it.

You will be definitely surprised by the results that this session can bring you, but you must be willing to transform and change your life for it to be affective. A lifetime’s worth of trauma cannot be undone with just 1 trauma session – the ground work can be understood in 1 session, but it takes time to change.

This session will look at what happened to cause your to develop trauma using a technique that I created called ‘timeline healing’. It will guide you to go back to your past and channel your trauma, so that we can work on the hurt in your life.

It must be clearly understood that for you to heal, you must open up to your emotions and hurt, and bring them to the surface for healing. This is very much an emotional ride, and so you must be prepared to heal by preparing yourself to open up your wounds so that we can work on them, understand them, and then heal from them.