Psychic Workshop
Psychic Workshop

Psychic Workshop


This course is 1 on 1 video mentoring, and is jam-packed full of techniques and tools to help you to understand, harness and work with psychic ability in your every day life. It consist of amazing techniques to connect to light language so you can decipher light codes, understand your synchronicities and what the universe is saying. You will also be able to connect to other beings in the cosmos by learning how to channel without the ego getting in the way.




We will discuss the mind and how to reclaim it. We will discuss programming, deprogramming conditioning, and deconditioning. In this class, we will discuss who you are not, and working on letting go of who you are not, so that you can prepare to become who you authentically are. We will also discuss creating spirituality into your mindset and the basic principles of mindfulness too. You will learn how to meditate properly in this session too.


In this sessions, you will learn how to understand your own energy, and other peoples, and to shield from others. I will teach you how to flow your energy to raise your vibration, increase your awareness, stay in the moment and to increase your energy levels. This session is also about bringingself love and self worth into your energy and into your mind, and understanding you own inner divinity.


Learn to activate your psychic senses, and how to channel other beings, Understand how to connect with your spirit guides, angels and other cosmic beings. I will also teach you how to organise psychic information so that you receive clear downloads (everything is information).


This session is about understanding things such as awareness, light language, light codes, perception, and in all things. Understanding signs and synchronicities, visions and prophecy, and observation. You will learn practical techniques on how to use psychic seeing in your daily life and in your work (if applicable).


This session is about using practical techniques to be able to see energy ‘literally’, and in all things. You will learn techniques on how to use synchronicities in your life, how to understand and use premonitions, visions and prophecy, and how to bring observation into your life.


In this session, you will learn how to understand ‘Telepathy’, but not in the common sense of the word. You won’t be able to ask your friend to think of a word, and then you hear that word, but you will be able to use it in other ways that work in conjunction with your other psychic abilities such as Claircognisance, you will learn how to connect to it, and how to harness it and use it upon demand.


You will learn how to understand, develop and use Clairsentience, premonitions, and psychometry (Clairtangency) abilities. I will teach you how to harness these skills, and how to bring them into your daily life.