Chris McBride spiritual mentor and healer
Soul Work

Soul Work

This amazing and rejuvinating course will not only refresh your from your soul, into your body and up to your heart, but it will also help you to be able to learn techniques to shield from others, and to stay grounded and centred. Even at the most troubling of times, such as in a stressful job, or toxic environment, you can still stay balanced and able to remain in control of your emotions and mindset. This 4 session course is jammed packed with wonderful tools to help you to realign with your heart and soul and to balance your mind.

Even if you find it hard to meditate or sit in silence, you will still be able to benefit from this course, as it gives your mind a lot to do, whilst letting go of all the problems of the mind.

You will learn to realign with your soul, flow your energy, connect to your past lives, and discover your life purpose. On top of all of this, we will make plans to work on creating your path forward with your life purpose. Each session is approximately between 1 hour, and 1.5 hours long, and will be done on Facebook video messenger. Please ensure you have a strong enough internet signal for the call, and headphones so that you can hear me when during meditations, and so block out noise from your surroundings.

Soul Alignment

In this session, I will you how to literally leave your body, and enter the seat of your soul. In the seat of your soul, you will realign with your energy, bring your power back, and rejuvinate you mind, body and spirit. Re-aligning your energy with your soul and making daily adjustments to your priorities to be able to connect with your soul on a daily basis, to prevent the mind from making all the decisions. Bringing the mind, body and soul into unison and togetherness so that you feel whole and complete and one. In a soul recall session we will clear your connection to your past lives (if any), and end any karmic repeats in them and reset things to bring things back to balance so that you are free from re-incarnation and are able to ascend easier. I will show you how to connect to your higherself and how to connect to your personal akashic records too.

Shielding & Flowing

This amazing session is like 3 sessions in 1, because it will teach you how to shield from others, as well meditating, and flowing your energy. You will learn to be able to realign and centre your energy and bring back joy, even in the most difficult of situations.

Soul Recall

This amazing session will teach you how to progress from the first session of soul alignment, and be able to journey through you journey through your timeline, and go back to your past life and heal the wounds from it, so that you clear up your karmic debt. I will also show you how to cut cords from your past, and any attachments connected to it (karmically).

Soul Destiny

In this final session, you will discover your soul purpose (life purpose) and your soul mission, and work on plans of how to bring it into your reality.