Chakra management & energy unblocking

I will do a full system restore with you which will unblock your chakra’s, realign them, and get your energy flowing properly again. This session will be a chakra balancing and healing session, but also I will teach you how to understand each chakra properly and how they connect to our energy, mind and body, and how to fine tune their meditations to each chakra to allow it to get to the root of the problem which unblocking the chakra’s as well. 

Timeline Healing

(Trauma healing & past life detachment)

In a timeline session, I will guide you through the differences traumatic events on your timeline , and we will bring understanding to what happened, learn the lessons needed, and release the energy and event from your energy. We will detach negativity from your present timeline, create a new timeline with only positivity in it, and detach from your past lives. This is a 1 – 1.5 hour session

Discover your spirit guide and angel team

Discover who your spirit guides are, and who your angels are and how you can maintain a strong connection with them and bring in intuitive messages from your spirit them.

Unblock your blocks

In an unblock your blocks session, we will take a look at the things that stand in your way, your karmic patterns, and what could be holding you back and then work on practical solutions to fix things.

Soul Realignment

The session will literally take you out of your physical body, and you will travel deep into your aura and energy, and into the depths of your soul. There, you will align with your 5th dimensional self of unconditional love and compassion, and you will connect with your inner divinty and before re-entering your body again. This session is a must for anyone who wants to renew their connection with themselves.

Spirit removal

If you struggle with following the information below, or you need some extra help, then this session will help you to remove spirits in your home, and spirits that are attached to you. You don’t have to live in fear, that’s what they feed off of. this session is distant (done on video chat), but it’s also very affective. I don’t need to be in the room because energy travels, and so I can show you how to remove them. You will need a dried sage stick, salt (table salt is fine), and a small bottle of water. At the end of this session, your home will vibrate higher and be completely spirit free.

Weekly group sessions (free trial)

Join a group of like-minded individuals who you can open up to and share experiences with, and hear their stories as well as ask me question and get guidance from me.


We can do some cards, or I can just guide you in your situation using my abilities if you prefer. We will have 1 hour to talk about anything you need to discuss and work on, or understand.