Chris McBride spiritual mentor and healer
Soul Work old

Soul Work old

Soul Realignment
Do you feel you have lost your way and you keep over-thinking and not getting much clarity? Finding it hard to meditate and stay balanced? Finding it hard to sleep? Soul realignment is a great technique to help with all of those things.

Energy & Chakra Work
The body that you see, isn’t the only thing that exists, you also have an energetic body too which most people can’t see. I help people to heal their energy system including chakra work, energy cleansing/balancing and cleansing your aura.

Inner Divinity
When you realign with your inner divinity, you discover that the Divine/God/Source is within you and not something to worship externally. This is also known as other things including ‘Christ Consciousness’ which Jesus attained in his life on Earth. We attune to your inner divinity and bring oneness within you between you and Source/God.

Soul Recall & Akashic Records
In a soul recall session we will clear your connection to your past lives (if any), and end any karmic repeats in them and reset things to bring things back to balance so that you are free from re-incarnation and are able to ascend easier. I will show you how to connect to your higherself and how to connect to your personal akashic records too.