Trauma Healing (2 hours)


Trauma can affect us in different ways, including the triggers to the actual trauma itself, and the knock on affects it creates. For example, someone who was abandoned by their parents when they were young, may think they’ve let it go, but it may roll on in their relationship for example. I help people to understand the trauma itself, why it happened, how to let go of it and bring closure to it. But I also help people to learn their lessons from the trauma, because nothing happens by chance, and everything happens for us and not to us. This takes around 2 hours usually.

In this trauma healing session, we will take an intuitive approach to your healing. You will need to write down your trauma’s and roughly (approximately) the age you were when it happened, and then I will take you into a meditation where we connect to your timeline and work through each trauma one by one. We will release all of your hurts and create a new timeline and discuss ways of how to ensure that you continue to let things go and stay high vibe.

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