People usually act how they feel, and if they think negative, then it will usually creep into our feelings too. This is because their negative mental patterns, or negative thoughts has a detrimental affect to our energy in some way. It’s important to bear in mind that people with negative energy, isn’t necessarily a narcissist or a dangerous person. Sometimes it’s more simple than that – sometimes, we just act how we feel.

So if you are feeling very emotional, then you are much more likely to act or react in an emotional way. That’s not your fault, but neither is it the other persons fault that you project your energy onto either. This is what I call projecting.

Often, projecting isn’t really fully realised until we reflect on things. So we shouldn’t blame people for being hurt, instead we should understand what they are doing and why they are doing it. Then we will know what action to take with it.

Shielding is a polular word in new age spiritual circles, which means that you should not allow their negative energy to enter you. We either absorb, or we flow. Energy either comes in or it goes out, and so if you are absorbing, then you are definitely not flowing. So the solution there will be to shield from other people’s energy, and then start flowing. To book a mentoring session to do 1 on 1 energy flowing, please click here.

Shielding from people’s negative energy

Sometimes people are negative and don’t even realise it, but that doesn’t mean that we should accept it. We should absolutely accept people for who they are, but we shouldn’t accept hositility. The important thing to understand here is that people live in an imperfect world, with an imperfect reality, and imperfect people. It’s not their fault that they’re feeling negative or conflicted, but we don’t have to allow that to pass on to us. Perhaps someone has had a bad day and has been treated unfairly. That will likely pay its toll on their mindset and energy, and therefore, usually they would project that energy onto others. That isn’t always the case, but quite often it is. We must understand it, and then make an intuitive decision on how to handle it in the moment, before it affects out energy – not after. It need to be a preventative measure, otherwise, we will find that we are always trying to balance ourselves and heal.

Walking away from negativity

As much as we may love people, and as much as well hope and want people to change, sometimes they can’t find it in themselves to do so. That’s not their fault but neither is it ours. And so, we should make that big, brave decision on whether our connection with them is salvageable, or whether it’s better to just walk away and say no more. So many people struggle with this decision because they suffer with a lack of self worth, or perhaps it’s because they want to believe that one day that person will change. If you struggle with a lack of self worth, please click here to book a mentoring session with me.

Ending a relationship, does mean that you don’t love them. But neither does it mean that you won’t find love again, but you can only manifest how you feel. So, if you’re letting someone walk over you, or if you can’t leave someone because you’re afraid of being lonely, don’t be surprised that your next partner might likely be someone who is emotionally challenged and won’t leave you alone. It’s time to change isn’t it? Isn’t it time to just flow love and light into your life? It’s time to live a full life, not a life where you just exist day to day just trying to make someone love you who doesn’t love you!

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