What star seed type are you?
What star seed type are you?

What star seed type are you?

We are all from the stars originally, but a star seed generall means someone that has come from, or originated from a particular place. Sometimes, people don’t resonate with any particular type of star seed. This is usually because they are from someone that isn’t mentioned in their research, or maybe it’s because the place they’re from is no longer in existance. And perhaps it’s because they left their original home and travelled around to other places before incarnating here on Earth.

You could liken this, or compare this to someone being born in Egypt, but currently lives in the USA. Their star seed origins would then be Egyptian, with USA influence. In the same way, A Pleaidian star seed, originating in the Pleiades may have recently incarnated in Andromeda. And so, therefore, they may feel a connection between both places.

Check below and the brief descriptions of some of the most common types of star seeds.

The Andromedan civilsation is a fascinating one, it’s home to various extra-terrestrial civilisations. They are usually emotionally advanced, loving and benevolent.

They also have telepathic tendancies and it seems to come natural to them. they are very much the free spirits of this universe, strongly seeking freedom in their lives, but also in their paths too.

Arcturian Star Seeds

Pleiadian Star Seeds

Sirian Star Seeds
Lyran Star Seeds

Orion Star Seeds

There are positive and negative Orion’s, and generally speaking, they are analytical and very logical
and committed to justice. They have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and are usually quite entrepreneurial and sometimes drawn to scientific knowledge and research.

Their mission in life is to learn trust and faith from others. They usually have trust issues and could be regarded as a jack of all trades. Unfortunately, they also sometime serve as reptilian agents to gain control of humans and the Earth with a very negative agenda

Feline Star Seeds

Lemurian and Atlantean Star Seeds

Lemurian and Altlantean star seeds are ancient souls, and they made Earth their home sooner than any other type of star seed. They are healers and teachers, and keepers of ancient wisdom. But they have defunct civilisation of Lemuria was on Earth (dark reptilians), its people were advanced enough to communicate with and travel to other planets.

They originated from Earth, in Atlantis and in Lemuria, but they are now consumed by Earth’s oceans, and are currently under the sea. Their mission is to teach humans advanced societal knowledge without destroying the planet they live on. This is similar to what happened on Maldek, but Maldek was completely destroyed as a planet, but Atlantis and Lemurian just went under sea.

Lemuria, was a large continent that sank under the Indian Ocean eons ago, but Atlantis also suffered from the same fate too. There aren’t many Lemurians or Atlanteans left on Earth due to the sudden downfall of their civilisations, which was due to negative reptilians destroying their civilisations. One of their strongest abilities is being able to read energy, or aura’s easily.

Maldek Star Seeds

Maldek is an interesting race of star seeds, because thet are regarded as one of the two missing Planets of our Solar System. Haven’t you wondered where the asteroid belt came from between Mars and Jupiter? It came when Maldek exploded, well imploded to be precise, and then all the debrit started to orbit those planets.

As the planet broke up, a tiny group of Maldek starseeds found refuge on Earth, but they are very rare. Their mission is to save Earth from destruction like what happened to their own planet, by teaching humans to better incorporate technology, communication, politics, and health to prevent a robotic collapse.

Avian Star Seeds

Avian’s are originally from a dimensional dimension of energetic fluidity and physical detachment, it’s a purely spiritual realm. They are here to guide humans to live a more spiritual life on Earth, and they often have bird like qualities.

They tend to teach metaphysics and spiritual truths and want humans to understand that spiritual strength and try to free them from the bounds of technology and physicality.

Mintaken Star Seeds

Mintaka is a multiple star system in the constellation of Orion, so like Orion’s, they also have characteristics like them. However, they aren’t the same, in the same way, people on Earth aren’t all American’s or Jamaican’s.

Mintaken starseeds are among the original lightworkers of Earth, and they’re very usually very connected to astrology and crystals and they also have extraordinarily strong intuition. But unfortunately, Mintaken’s no longer exist on their home planet, so Mintaken starseeds that incarnated here can feel intensely homesick and often find solace around water.

Reptilian Star Seeds

There is a lot of talk about the reptilians, about how nasty and manipulative they are. I’m not going to paint a pretty picture here, but they are every bit as negative as people talk about. However, there is an exception here… they’re not all the same.

Some of them work for the light, and are very wonderful and amazing beings. Many are not though, and caution should always be used if you ever connect with them. They have some very specific abilities including shape shifting, and many use those abilities to confuse or trick humans into trusting them, or to be afraid of them. Their agenda for the most part is to crush humanity’s spiritual enlightenment, but as I mentioned, not all of them are like that.

Draconian Star Seeds

The Draconian’s were originally from another universe that invaded ours, with a manipulative and negative agenda. They seeded the other reptilian star seeds, but others also joined them too. They are to the most part, extinct, thanks to the Arcturians.

But they are not completely wiped out, because they have evolved as a species into other reptilian species. They are from the constellation Draco, and they consist of a group of manipulative leaders, but others are diligent workers who guide awakened humans to accomplish just causes. thosee who are manipulative tend to incarnate into powerful roles such as leaders of powerful nations, so they can exploit others and be in control to nurture their ego’s and soul ancestry ‘Draconian’.

The soul by default is neither positive nor negative, it is what it is. Some have a negative agenda, and others have a more positive one. They are steadfast in accomplishing their goals and missions and are usually very successful in life, but sometimes they are not, and just end up in a family that is completely dominated by them.