Ghosts, spirits and orbs have many forms and reasons for appearing to us. Entities and beings will also be discusses further down in this post. But these things cannot be be understood accurately by seeing them all as the same thing, we have to break them down. They’re quite simply not, so let me break them down into categories for you. Let’s take a look at ghosts first of all, and then spirits, and then orbs and shadows one by one.


Ghosts or appararitions can be seen and are usually spirits that are trapped here on Earth. They haven’t ascended to the spirit world yet, and there can be many reasons for that. When a human body dies, a spirit portal opens which is a circle of light. Some people may see this as a tunnel of light, or something similar. When this opens, we have short time to go into the light to cross over into the spirit realm, but after that time elapses, it closes to prevent it from being hijacked or corrupted.

Those who enter the light then become spirits in the spirit realm (aka spirit world), and those who don’t are Earth-bound spirits. these spirits used to be human, but they just didn’t cross over into the light. They often don’t even know that they died as a human, and sometimes they do. But whether they do or not, they are still trapped here, and sometimes we can even see them.

They are known as ghosts, but not all apparitions are ghosts. To be classes as a ghost, they need to have consciousness, and need to be aware of themselves. However, some apparations are just trapped energy in like a play-back mode going round and round repeating the same patterns over and over.

Sometimes, they’re not conscious of this and they are more in a zombie-like state, and that’s because they’re not conscious. They are not zombies, zombies do not exist, and those that are conscious are actual spirits, and those that are not is just residual energy that is in a loop.

Entities and beings

Not all entities or beings are ghosts. However, they do have something in common, they’re all spirits – as long as they’re conscious (alive, so to speak). There are beings and entities from all over the universe here, and sometimes we see them, and sometimes we don’t. This depends greatly on our abilties, and whether we are psychic enough.

But it’s important to understand, that even those beings that aren’t originally from Earth aren’t aliens, because being an alien would suggest that they do not belong here. This isn’t true, most of them were here long before humans were created.

We were created by them, in their own image. Some beings look more human than others, and they are the founders of the human race, although they all had a part to play in this. Others look more reptilian, and created the reptiles. Others look more like birds, and they created the birds on planet Earth and so on. But there’s nothing to be afraid of, we do not need to fear them.

They are our creators, and they definitely love us. However, there are also entities and beings that are not from Earth, and have no place here – and often they just want to cause trouble. That’s where we need to help the others to remove them. Some mediums and gridworkers help with this process.


People have different thoughts about this. But there is a world of difference between having an opinion on something because you’re opinionated on it, and having an opinion on something because you’ve studied it, and having an opinion on something because you experience it all the time. The difference is, the latter doesn’t have an opinion, the latter knows what it’s talking about.


Shadows can mean a lot of different things to different people, and I’m not talking about your own shadow here. Some people refer to them as shadow people or shadow beings. Although there are a lot of different schools of thought on this, there is no one way to explain what they are or what they want accurately.

This is partly because of it really depends on their vibration and what their agenda is. But, sometimes the shadow is a human that died, that over-time got very negative – or perhaps they just died with a very negative vibration and mindset. But it’s very important to remember, that nothing truly dies, it just transforms from one state to another.

And then there are the shadows that are not from this planet. Some believe they are observers, and others believe they come with malicious intent. I personally know through experience that it’s not one of those things, it’s both of them. Some of them observe, others are malicious and want to cause fear to drain your energy, and others are just shy and need some help.

For you to fully understand orbs, you need to understand multi-dimensionalism. You need to understand things in multi-dimensional ways, because we are not only physical beings, we’re also soul, astral, energy and spirit beings etc too.

So sometimes orbs are just pockets of energy floating around, but they’re usually very easily identifiable to the trained eye. However, sometimes, it’s more than that. Sometimes, the orbs are spirits travellling from one place to another. Usually spirits that are trapped here (Earth-bound spirits) will be seen as apparitions or shadows. But orbs are often spirits that have either crossed over into the spirit realm visiting us again, or beings from other places coming here for some reason.

Don’t be alarmed by this, there is no armaggedon or alien take-over. Remember, a lot fo them were here before us. Quite often they’re just observing us to learn from us, but often it’s to keep an eye on us. Conspiracy theories usually have a much more negative view of this though, so please be careful what you take advice from.

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