Today we will be talking about self belief. But to truly understand what self belief is, we need to break the words down and examine them carefully, and what we have here are 2 different are ‘self’ and ‘belief’. They are completely different things, meaning completely different things. If you pull those words apart, you can see that there’s layers to those words. So first of all we will take a look at the self and all that that entails, and then we’ll cover ‘belief’ and then we’ll put them together so you get the full picture.

So first of all… let’s take a look at the self. What is the self? The self is all aspects of you in one. It is your mind, your body, your consciousness & soul and your whole being. When you think of the self, you should think of all of you, not just what your mind thinks. I’ll give you an example. You might be talking to someone and they may ask you “What do you think about the state of politcs in the world these days?” Now you may reply by saying something like “well, personally… I think the middle east this, and America that, Europe this, Russia that”. Actually none of what you said was true at all. To say these things, you would be speaking from the ego mind, especially with the words “personally… I think”. That contridicts itseld, because the mind isn’t the self, it’s only part of it. Your soul isn’t the self either, it’s only part of it. So to think something, it’s not about the self. So when you’re mindful of this, you will start to understand the self more. To truly understand the self and to talk about it, you could say something like… “what I feel, think and realise is…” now that’s the self, because you’re brining in energy for this from all angles including your feelings, your thinking, and your consciousness which is soul. if you put all of those things together, it is self. Self is the whole package of you, all of you together. So to truly understand the self, you could write down what you think about certain things, and then what you feel about them without the mind getting involved. And then, write down what you realise about all of that together and there’s a lesson there which could be that you might be judging things, or you may have fears about things. But realise the higher truths and write them down, and then you’re in the self.

Secondly… what is it that you believe. This is important to understand because if you’re not sure what you believe in and why you believe those things, then you won’t be able to understand many other aspects to the self either. So it’s important for you to understand whether you belief you are hurt or healed, conflicted or at peace and other things that you believe that play a part in your programming too. However, it’s not just to understand your programming – but also to understand your higher truths too. And so, once you know what your beliefs are, you should then question those beliefs, are they really what you believe to be true or are they just what people told you is real, or just what you keep telling yourself. When you can understand what you believe in, you can then understand how belief works. So write down your beliefs, make a list of what they are whether they are fixed or flexible. If they are fixed, you really should challenge them because it’s those beliefs that won’t allow you to grow or expand in wisdom much. if they are flexible, ask yourself… do I have enough information to believe this?

After you’ve written what you think and what you feel, expand on that because that’s just your mind and your emotional state so far, now expand and write down what you think and feel about your body and what you realise about both of those things, and again write it about your soul too.

So now you understand about the self and how beliefs work, let’s put them together. What do you believe about yourself, so that’s your mind, your body, and your soul – because you can’t do one without the other, otherwise it’s just ego. What does your mind believe about you, what does your body need?, in what ways is your soul guiding you? So that’s the 3 key stages here…

1) What does your mind believe about you?
2) What does your body need? (such as excercise, fresh air, rest, sleep and so on).
3) In what ways is your soul guiding you? (for example, is it guiding you to discover your life purpose and your gifts and abiltiies and so on)?

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