Lack/Victim Mentality (happening to us)/Abundance Mindset/Fulfillment/Freedom (happening for us)
We are born with the innate ability of knowing what we need, not what we want or expect. As a baby, we do not desire things, but we do know when we need something such as feeding, sleeping, when we’re hot or cold, changing of our diaper etc. Because of our programming, we learn to expect things such as appreciation and things done in a certain way to fit into our programmed belief system. When things don’t go our way, we tend to think that things are happening to us, such as bad luck or a curse or we develop a traumatic mind. Many people with trauma’s can’t get past one event that happened in their life. the event may have come and gone, and yet they hold on to it for the rest of theiy live’s, causing them hurt. Other have other experiences, but they often develop a victim mentality. They feel that they lack something, but don’t often know what it is. Usually what they need is self love, self worth and personal power. They also need to understand that things don’t happen to them, they happen for them. Everything happens for a reason, and when we understand the reason, we can understand the lesson. When we understand the lesson, we grow and can prevent the same things repeating over and over again as we make changes to our life.

* Living in the past Living in the now (learning lessons)
The mind often keeps us trapped in the past, and sometimes we don’t even know it. Trauma is one thing where things can get quite complicated, where we still think about the past and have hangups on it, seemingly unable to let things go. Other times, it may not be so clear, where the past may have gone in some ways, but in other ways it can manifest negative habits or bahaviours. It often has a knock on affect and keeps us repeating the same types of decisions time and time again. An example of this could be that perhaps you have been through a relationship breakup a few months ago, but you still feel quite bitter about it, or perhaps you don’t but you haven’t learnt anything from the breakup, instead you blame the other person. Then a move into a new relationship, and after a while that ends. You will soon form the opinion, that people use you or take advantage of you. But your worst enemy in this case is you, because although you may have had a break, did you take any of that time to learn lessons as to what it actually taught you, or did you learn that the other person is a bad person? If it was the latter, then you haven’t learnt much at all to achieve growth, and so therefore, you will likely meet similar types of people because you haven’t stopped to learn anything, you just keep going round and round repeating the same mistakes time after time. This applies to most other things as well, including arguments in relationship, bickering in families, stressing out with your children and so on. You simple have to learn the lessons in each situation, and then make different decisions as you move on.

* Judgement Acceptance
Because of our programming, we can judge people and often, we don’t even know we’re doing it. Seeing something as right or wrong is judgement, as is someone being good or bad. For someone to hurt someone else, they must first be hurt themselves. A fully healed person cannot hurt someone, unless their energy is off, and then they are in the ‘hurt zone’ again. Sometimes this is only temporary and it can be flowed out, and other time it’s ingrained into our mind, and this is also because of our programming. We may assume a mugger who mugs us is a bad person, but if you look at the story behind them, you may find they were desperate or had a very difficult childhood that programmed them to act a certain way. From there, they may have met the wrong people, but they were not born bad, and are not bad in their soul, they are simply just hurt. Some of these people seek help and heal, others never do. Sometimes it can be in the family, such as parents who don’t give us what we need. We may feel abandoned or hurt by them in some way. Hurtful things may happen or be said, but it’s only personal when we make it personal. Just because they say or do low vibrational things, it doesn’t mean that we should take that onboard and believe it and become it. they do what they do because they feel and believe in a certain way. We should accept that, and not make it personal. We should let go, move on, block or shield if necessary, and don’t take anything personally, because what they say and do is usually a reflection of themselves and not about you at all. Don’t forget, not only is it a reflection of themselves, but it’s also never personal until we make it personal. The key to overcoming this judgement is acceptance. Accepting people for who they are, no matter what. That doesn’t mean that we should allow them into our live’s, but it does mean that we should accept them for who they are, and not what we want or expect them to be.

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