* Realign your chakra’s, from root to crown and then ground with the Earth. Bring your whole energy up through the legs and body, through the crown and strech upwards and step out of the body above you and into your soul.

* Stay above your body and feel the energy of it below. Bring your awareness to the light coming towards you, it becomes so bright it lights up everywhere around you and it completely wraps around your energy and it seeps into your skin. Feel it entering your crown chakra and feel it flowing into your whole body.

* You are now divine, and you can create anything that your heart, mind and soul agree on. What do you want to achieve? How do you want to achieve it?

The Divine/God/Source is within you and not something to worship externally. Know now that souce flows through you. But be careful not to speak the words that you think source is saying to others, because they might not accept it or be ready for it. Also, your perception of source isn’t necessarily the same perception of source as everyone has. So, when you align with source and be at one with source, know that it is your personal relationship with source, and it’s not the same for everyone else.

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