* Silence the mind
Silence the mind to free yourself to distractions so you can allow impressions to come through. Don’t be tempted to try to visualise anything, and if anything comes to mind, focus on clearing it, completely silence the mind. Remove all fears, all doubts and all questions. Simply, stay in the quietness.

Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Visualise a white ball of light in your heart chakra, the size of a golf ball and feel the loving light energy from it. As you breathe in through your nose, expand the light, as you breathe out, breathe the light energy into your body. Then repeat until the light is fully expanded into your who body. Then, feel the energy in your body, and fire it up to expand it. And then allow the light energy to become one with your own energy, and then release it into your aura. Feel the pressure release as it leaves your body. Repeat this process until there is nothing left inside, and then your Kundalini/Qi/Chi energy is flowing within you, and you’re at peace and harmony.

Now I want you to feel the energetic body within you, that’s your very own light body. Feel it vibrating inside of you, and tune into it’s energy. Each breath you breathe in will draw more light in from source, and as you breathe out through your mouth, you are blowing light into the Earth through the Earth grid inside of you. Know that with each breath you take, the more you breathe light into the world.

Now visualise a grid inside of your heart chakra, this is called the light grid. It connects you to source and it allows you to download light, ascension codes, and DNA activations. Now visualise a tuquise chakra above the heart chakra. Not many people know about this chakra, but it is called the ‘Thymus Chakra’ and it is extremely powerful for those who are awakening. See how it shines so brightly and powerfully. Feel it’s energentic vibration, and visualise yourself opening this chakra. As you open it, you feel a flood of energy pouring in. This is higher wisdom and higher knowledge, but don’t feel overpowered by it, know that it is a blessing for you to have access to it. Allow the light from this chakra to fill up your body, and breathe in this higher light wisdom. Know that this wisdom is not coming from you, it is from your very own akashic records which is coming in through your higher self.

And now we are going to increase the energy that you feel. Feel your very own light body, and get in tune with its frequency, feel it’s love and compassion and it’s energy. And after 3, I want you to step out of your body and into your own aura of light and into your own light body. 1, 2, 3.

Notice how your body looks, it’s like a hologram of yourself, it’s a pure light body with no physical form. It doesn’t feel pain or hurt like the body feels, it’s made up only of pur love and compassion for itself and for others. And now, take a deep breathe in through your nose, and breathe in that higher self wisdom, pick up your pen, and allow your higher self to communicate through your hand. Don’t allow your mind to try to make sense of anything, just let your own higher self intuition do the work with your hand. Keep writing and tell me when you’re finished.

Now make an intention of receiving messages from your spirit guide and your higher self, you can also do this with spirits that you want to communicate with. As you begin to receive impressions and information, focus your attention on what you are receiving clairvoyantly. What do you see in your mind’s eye?

Ask your spirit guide to be with you now, and then wait until you feel a chilling sensation, or get goosebumps, or you can just feel your guide around you. You will know when they arrive. So let’s begin, silence your mind, and then ask your spirit guide by calling their name in your mind, and then let me know when they have arrived. Ask your guide or higher self to show you an image. When you have that image, make a note of it and tell me what it is. Keep your communication to a minimum, don’t explain anything, just tell me what the image is, then silence your mind again.

So the image that you see is a ‘ ‘. Find out what it means by feeling it, and then knowing it. Does it say anything to you? Write it down. Now tell me what you discovered.

Now, I give you permission to read me. So think of a question that you would like to know about me, that you don’t already know the answer to, and write it down. Now ask me the question.

Ok, now ask your guide or your higher self this question, and then wait for an image to come. When you get an image, write it down and keep it in your mind, don’t let it go. Now feel it, what does it feel like it means. when you feel it, tell me what it means? Now ask for validation, so ask me if it is right.

Whether it is right or wrong, trust yourself, because you cannot progress if you doubt yourself or question yourself. Just accept that it needs more development, don’t look at it as being wrong, only it needs more development, and keep doing it until you improve. But after each attempt, get creative with it and look at what you have learnt from it, and what you could do differently. So on this occassion, perhaps your mind got in the way, and so you may need to work on your mind silencing more before trying again. Do this every day.

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