METATRON (Enoch) (purple)
He reveals wisdom through light codes and sacred geometry to our matrix. He guides and supports us with our spiritual abilities and appears as light and fire. You may see bright flashes of light whenever Metatron is visiting you. Metatron works with people’s thinking helps us with clearing out anything that might be stuck in our energy including negative beliefs and fears and he empowers us too.

Archangel Raphael (healing).
Archangel Michael (protection, strength, courage).
Archangel Uriel (Sends spiritual information and guidance from your spirit guides and from the angels with more clarity).
Archangel Jophiel (Sends beautiful thoughts to develop a beautiful soul and balance negative and positive emotions. Helping people to see the beauty in all things. Creativity, and clarity).

Light Channeling ‘healing & energy clearing session’ (1 hour). We will connect together as a group to increase the amount of energy. I will channel light into the matrix and cleanse the energy. I will also call upon Archangels to bring in healing. I will then bring healing energy and it will go where it needs to go and I will also scan the matrix of the group to feel where the energy needs to be concentrated, and guide the energy too.

Archangel Raphael (healing).
Archangel Jophiel (Sends beautiful thoughts to develop a beautiful soul and balance negative and positive emotions. Helping people to see the beauty in all things. Creativity, and clarity).
Archangel Michael (protection, strength, courage).

Diamond Light Codes
The Diamond Light Codes are ‘symbols’ representing Geometric structures of light. They awaken dormant aspects within your DNA, helping to align you with the frequencies of energy streaming on to our planet. They hold and transmit vibrational frequencies that help to bring change to your world… within, so without….. the “Diamond Light Grid is the vehicle for the Diamond Light Codes”, and the interaction between the Diamond Light Grid. The codes support the development of the Grid, and the grid enables deeper access to the codes themselves.

When lightworkers connect to the Diamond Light Code frequencies it facilitates a movement towards being an expression on Earth of your true authentic soul self.

You will receive a healing from the Angels clearing your aura and bringing in the diamond light into your energy field. Archangel Metatron works to clear you with his platinum net which removes any lower energy not serving you to hold onto.

* Clear you emotions, doubts and fears so that you can be open and receptice and see the light.
* If you can see the light, it is most likely to be golden.
* The clearer, more advanced, more enlighten the person is, the more golden the light will be.
* If you cannot see the light, you can feel it and be sensitive to it. Even if you can’t feel it, it still comes through.
* You will feel empowered, and after an empowerment, you may find issues with consciousness. Maybe arguments etc, because the light amplifies your awareness field and acts like a mirror within you. It’s not showing you something new, it’s showing you what was there all along that you were not paying attention too.

* Diamond light Codes
* Transmuting Dark Codes
* healing codes
* prosperity codes
* beauty codes
* joy codes
* teaching codes
* freedom (buddhic) codes
* ascension codes
* magdalene codes
* christ consciousness codes

It is a channeled language of sound and energy to convey messages to your soul, but interpreted by the heart. This allows you to consume information differently by expanding your senses.
It is about how the transmission makes you feel, rather than how you “think” about the information or sound coming through.
The purpose of Light Language is to shift your energy to a higher frequency, allowing your frequency to shift to expand your mental, emotional and spiritual capacity.
This allows you to tap into a realm of wisdom, healing, regeneration, and activation.
Light language helps to activate the dormant portions of your DNA, open your third eye, and remind you of your mission, purpose, power, true soul essence, and where you come from.
Light Language is a transmission of energy and frequency that is appearing to be what we recognise as “sound.”
It is expressed through many different forms of translation, binaural beats, physical pulses, physical movement and mudras, channeled audible vocals, and even written symbols.
Similar to ancient hieroglyphics, they tell a story beyond conceptual language, one symbol often translating paragraphs of potent information.
All Light Languages are different, just as there are many different languages on Earth, and different dialects within those categories.
Light Language is channeled through a stream of higher consciousness and translated through the being who is acting as a conduit for those codes.
Experience a full trance energy filling your entire body with light and your vessel is utilised as a conduit of source.
Often you will be given a general theme as to the transmission and it’s purpose, but it is based on the receptivity of the listener as to how much will be received.
You may notice a feeling upon receiving the transmission whether through sight or sound, it triggers an awakening and activation of codes that are imbedded within your body.
Your DNA recognizes these frequencies, and attunes accordingly.
Allow yourself to explore your ancient ancestral and star lineage’s languages and tap into the cosmic channel in which you stem from.

While you’re lying down, work within their energy field. Repair the energy structures within your physical body, your emotions, your mind and your aura. Opens channels through which Divine Light can reach you. Guides this Light to their energy field. Then conduit supports the harmonious admittance and integration of it into your energy field and the energy flow and the interaction between the Light and your field. That way we can send you energy patterns that are specifically suited for you. The Light brings everyone what he or she needs most at that particular moment, just like in Reiki, but without the us of hands. Your energy centres and energetic bodies expand and reach new levels of harmony. You achieve greater contact with your core, your Higher Self, your Guides, your Soul and your own life energy. Love and support surround you!.

The Divine Light transmits, carrying High Consciousness, Love and Clarity within itself. This can bring relief, healing, mercy, revitalisation, opening and expansion; pleasant, flowing feelings in place of energy blocks; and deep peace, harmony, power and joy. Your radiance is being stimulated towards higher levels. You may feel protected, blessed, cherished and up-lifted. You can also become very light or just the opposite – when grounding energies do their work. Your energy centres and energy bodies expand and achieve a beautiful state of harmony. Your energy is brought to a higher “transmission and resonance”, also known as “healing by vibration”. This can destroy disease, because it is impossible for two vibrations to occupy the same space at the same time. The general vibrational signature of every human body consists of a wide range of sub vibrations. By learning how to read and change this signature, one can alter the physical body in a safe and simple way. This has an energizing, cleaning, clarifying, harmonizing effect. Several other effects my also occur, for instance having visions and insights, healing, grounding, reaching new levels of consciousness, lightness and high sensations of inner peace, joy and love.

While the High Light of the Heavens is flowing towards you, Barbara Barbara “reads” Barbara may sing soft, healing sounds during this process. All the while you can enjoy the beautiful, enlightening, high and refined flow of energy, within and around you. You can reinforce the transmission and resonance method by using many crystals and a pendulum. Transmission and resonance takes your energy as a whole to a higher level of vibration, which enables you to make deeper contact with your core, your Higher Self, your Guides, your Soul and the source of your life energy. Gain clarity and get to the core of your issues, have your energy pointing towards your Highest Good. That way you’re being opened up for new possibilities, solutions and higher ways of dealing with life’s challenges. Your attention and consciousness is directed more towards what you want and hope for and the best, most positive within yourself and within the Earth plane. In many ways including through your feelings and thoughts, you establish contact with things that nourish you.

Light transmissions are also known as: dharma transmission (Zen Buddhism ‘shaktipat’ = sending energy) can pass spiritual wisdom down through an unbroken bloodline of teachers and disciples following a certain lineage.

Transmission of secret knowledge or esoteric wisdom can take many forms. It is often holistic and sometimes incorporates mystical language. It is practical, transcendent (beyond the range of normal human understanding), and life changing. A transmission does not speak to us in the language of the ego, but instead uses the heart’s wisdom.

There are other forms of spiritual transmission, too, which don’t necessarily form into symbols, but symbolic language has become increasingly important for spiritual transmission from the wise to their seekers and students. Siberian shamans, called the Sky Shamans. These remarkable healers are still aware of ancient, transcendental intelligence, that speaks to us about how to heal our bodies, ourselves, and how to live in accordance with Universal laws to find happiness, joy, and fulfillment. They transmit their wisdom to only a few disciples, and to those whom they deem fit to receive this wisdom. To the shaman, the wise man, and the yogi — all who who might bless us with a transmission, the material world is an incredibly limited view of reality. The shaman can perceive the Universe outside of the normal parameters of time, space, and distance. They understand that time is not linear, nor is anything – even inanimate objects – without consciousness. Invisible forces permeate everything. This is the level of consciousness that allows a spiritual transmission. Usually a transmission occurs in an altered state of consciousness, such as in meditation, in trance, or as a matter of course for those who are still young, and have not cluttered their minds with a limited understanding of a purely physical world and its constructs.

Transmissions can be given from teacher to student through:

At a distance
Through a recording
Through the written word in a book
Through the spoken language, or simply with sound

Ascension & DNA Activation
A very important part of spiritual awakening is ascension, which literally translates to “go up”. When Kundalini energy is activated, the ascension process is also triggered. The Kundalini energy then begins to activate the dormant parts of DNA, once considered by scientist as “junk DNA”. This causes a shift within your DNA that begins to change the way you think and feel. Significant and noticeable symptoms can be experienced during this time of DNA activation. Some refer to this as the Light Body activation.

Light Language
Light or vibrational frequencies of light is what makes up our DNA. Light is vibrational frequencies that carry the codes of creation. DNA is activated via spiritual awakening to create the Light Body. The higher levels of consciousness opens one up exceeding the understanding of the vocabulary based languages known to man. When one is tapped into higher consciousness, language is expanded to tones, geometry, and more. Language of light speaks in universal compatibility as the mother of all other languages in existence.

Light Language is used to communicate from higher dimensional realms, which is why they may sound nothing like the words we have been taught. Light Language can also be specific to the person it is meant for, meaning each no two light languages might be the same, although quite often those channeling light language do use the same words. Light Language may also be tones, symbols, gestures, and drawings. When we refer to transmissions of Light Codes, specific words, phrases and sounds can trigger the activation of one’s Kundalini or DNA just by listening. This is how energy healing practitioners help others with their deep soul knowledge. Although not everyone resonates with the same Light Languages transmissions, when it does resonate with the receivers DNA, the results are often immense.

There are many ways for you to receive the gift of Light. Through practitioners who share Light Codes through activations, alignments, and other services. In this process, energy blockages are gently removed through a healing process to help you connect to your higher self. For a limited time, Ariette Love will be offering Axiatonal Alignment (a re-connection to the earth’s ley lines and sacred sites to re-establish grounding, and the ability to draw on the earth’s healing energy matrix and expand your health and peace of mind) to awaken the evolution process going on with you.

Transmissions of Light
Have you ever had an aha moment when the world seems to stand still and everything is perfect? During a Transmission of Light, if you are open and receptive, this is exactly what happens. The 3rd dimensional world falls away and you glimpse your own Divine Nature. Light alters consciousness and raises awareness. If you are truly open to the Light during a transmission, you receive an empowerment. Your being fills up with power and you can take that power and do with it whatever you like: make money or to make a spiritual leap in your evolution. Any beings we encounter are aspects of us whether past, future, or parallel lives; ancient or in a different dimension. When we gain access to them, we reclaim something that may have been lost or forgotten within ourselves. And in that uniqueness, the communication might not sound like language at all. The language of light doesn’t have to be words, it’s sound, color, numbers and sacred geometry. We all have a distinct dialect. You can get a vision in my head, or a feeling. The practice of light language heals by bringing together the spiritual and the physical, and expressing ourselves helps us make the connection. We need to bridge the imaginary into the physical realm, because sound is physical. To bring everything we can from our ancestry into the physical world, we can then apply that wisdom to everything we do. Bringing it into physical energy helps us grow and make our world better than it is.

Maybe it will be a chant, or syllables, or a strange sequence that comes out. And there’s nothing scary about it, it’s the embracing of who you are. Your hands can describe shapes, glyphs, and formations in the air. Transmissions can be from the angelic realms, from galactic dimensions, or from the ancient continent of Lemuria. You can set an intention for the energy or information you want to bring through, or you can let the energies decide.

Vibrational Therapy with the Language of Light
Light Language healing works through vibrational transfer at the physical and subtle energetic body levels. A good way to describe it is waves of energy that interact with the multiple, interconnected aspects of your being (electromagnetic fields being one way to refer to some of these) for a specific purpose. I personally use the word transmission to describe the in-flow of energy and intention to describe the purpose. A Light Language Channel transmits the energy while a Healer receives it. Transmissions can be face-to-face or remote, and they are equally effective whether live or recorded, such as when accessed via audio or video media. Those serving as Light Language Channels do not produce the healing at all; they merely provide a pathway on your behalf. By receiving the transmitted vibrations, you and your Higher Self actually facilitate the healing, in the way and at the level that are most appropriate for you. The exchange, recognition, and shift all take place at the quantum level, instantly, and from there effects begin to unfold in your physical world over time. The Language of Light bypasses the logic of the brain and speaks directly to your physical and spiritual bodies. It allows for heart-to-heart communication between you and Source/God. It brings awareness to what is blocked or needs attention based on your intention, and it provides support to you as Healer to make changes, both in the moment and afterward. For those familiar with reiki, it’s a similar process of flow except that with Light Language there is no touch or hand placement on the body. The vibrations of the Light Language transmission are perceived by your body at the heart and subtle energetic level according to the intention you set for receiving them. You receive just as strongly whether you’re in the same room as someone channeling Light Language or across the globe. This type of exchange is not unique to me, nor to the process I describe. We all can do it, and do. You’ve probably been a healing Channel for friends, loved ones, and other people in your life many times, without even realizing it. It happens all the time and is fundamental to how we support one other through meaningful conversation, heartfelt words of encouragement (or admonishment), presence during difficult circumstances, or any action motivated by unconditional Love. The goal of Light Language Healing is to facilitate the natural healing process that is inherent to all of us as vibrational beings and to amplify it through intention.

Step 1: Set your intention
Although it may seem obvious, a good first question to ask is, what do you wish to heal or change in your life experience? This can be a physical ailment, emotional pain, difficulty at work or with your family, or anything that is perceived as negative in your life experience. On the flip side, you may have something perceived as completely positive that you simply wish to broaden or expand. Either aspect works great as your intention for receiving a Light Language transmission. State your intention clearly to yourself or out loud. You may wish to write it down for clarity. If you don’t know your specific intention yet — or have too many ideas to narrow it down to just one thing (lol!) — you can get some ideas from the intentions in my Light Language audios and drawings, all of which include specific intentions for physical and emotional healing.

Step 2: Release the intention
Just as important to setting your intention is your releasing it. Acknowledge it in the present moment and then move on. No need to sit “hands clenched”, so to speak, when receiving the transmission. There is no conscious mental action that directs the Light Language (its energy flow does not work in that way). Allow yourself a space of neutrality in the current moment to receive.

Step 3: Relax and get in touch with your heart energy
You’ll always receive the transmission in a way that is for your highest good and under the complete guidance of your Higher Self, but I find relaxation beforehand to be beneficial. You can use most any method. You might choose to be seated in a comfortable place or lie down, and/or you might choose to ground your energy by feeling your feet touching the floor or feel your lower body as it supported by the chair/surface beneath you. It’s also very helpful to get in touch with the heart: I like to feel the beating of my physical heart along with the rise and fall of my chest as I breathe (the center of my body often begins to feel more open when doing this). Another method is placing one or both of your hands over your chest and allowing them to rest there for a short time. Feel free to call on your angels, guides, beings of Light, the Love of God/Source, or any other acknowledgements you might make as an opening to prayer or meditation. Whatever way you choose, the only real thing of importance is leading yourself to a space of calm prior to the transmission.

Final Step: Receiving the transmission
Very little is required here — this is the easy step! Sit back and relax as the Light Language works with you on the subtle energy level. You may notice sensations in the body: tingling, warmth/coolness, muscle twitching, even an occasional tendency to cough or sneeze. You may notice a feeling, memory, unexpected thought, or other things on the mental and emotional levels. Equally, you may notice ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, and if so that is completely, completely OK. No need to worry if you don’t sense anything out of the ordinary. Your Higher Self may not always clue you in to the details of what’s going on, but you can be assured that the transmission is always interacting with you, even if you don’t get direct bio- or mental/emotional feedback from it. The Light Language will always work with you right where you “are”. I say this from experience. I have honestly received both my and others’ transmissions repeatedly and had completely different experiences every time, even when listening to the same transmission more than once. Sometimes my body will give me some sensations throughout the transmission — a bit of an “up and down” with them, like riding waves or the hills of a back country road. Sometimes I may get specific information through visuals and claircognizance, like with the keynote transmissions that I channel each month. Other times, it is really just a calm experience where I don’t get as many specifics and feel good simply to have less mental chatter after the transmission. Again, even if absolutely nothing happens on a recognizable level, your physical and energy bodies receive the Light Language and are already reconfiguring based on your intention. It will unfold in your life experience according to Divine timing.

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