Below I have come up with my top six tips to stop feeling lost. There’s many reasons why we could start to feel lost – but whatever the reason is, I always advise my clients to keep things simple, and simply absolutely everything. When you simplify things, we use our intuition – but when things are more complicated, it usually comes from the ego.

Tip 1: Check your beliefs

Our beliefs play a major part in our thinking, and what information comes to us from the universe. For example, if you believe that Jesus is the son of god, then you will be looking only for signs from Jesus. However, if your spirit guides and angels are communicating with you in other ways, you might not see those things because of your beliefs. Also, beliefs play a part in this when we actually get the answers, but we don’t realise that we are already getting the answers because we don’t believe that what we’re seeing is real or the answer.

Tip 2: Stop Over-thinking

When we don’t understand something, what we usually do is think about it hard. Society teaches us to do this, and so it’s normal practice for us. However, when the answers don’t come, we often try harder with our thinking to understand things. That over-complicated things, and we rarely get accurate or useful information that way. Analysis is inuitive as it observes what’s already there. But then there’s over-analysing and over-thinking, and that doesn’t help anyone. you need to stop over-thinking things and try another approach.

Tip 3: Stop asking for advice

When we don’t understand things, often we may ask other people for their thoughts even if they don’t know the answer. That is like asking a plumber for electrical advice. And when the plumber tells you his thoughts, you ask a carpenter for his opinion on electrics. If you’re going to ask for advice, ask the people that are likely to know the answer. However, even that is external advice and not internal wisdom. The answers are always within you, even if you don’t realise it. But perhaps, you just don’t realise it because of #number 2 = over-thinking.

Tip 4: Stop looking outside of you

Stop looking around you for answers, when the answers are already within you. the universe talks to you in light language, and that’s already playing out in synchronicities around you. But when you see those things, it’s all intution, and so… it’s still within you. It’s the within you that’s playing out around you.

Tip 5: Notice the signs around you

There are signs everywhere around us including synchronicity, angel numbers, billboards, receipts, license plates, and so on. Instead of over-thinking and over-analysing, see what’s already being shown to you.

Tip 6: Trust your gut instinct

And finally, always trust your intuition and gut instinct. Second second guess yourself, or question yourself, absolutely always trust the process, but also trust your gut instinct and let it guide you.

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