Specialist spirit removal

Do you have spirit issues in your home, work environment or place of interest? There can be a number of reasons why spirits gather in a place ranging from them being attracted to the place, or a particular person. It could be you that attracts them with your energy, or perhaps you live or work in or near a spirit portal. Sometimes these portals can be close, and other times they cannot, but always you can heal the environment and bring peace to the area.

There’s different ways to approach this depending on your beliefs and your abilities. Personally, I work with spirits by not allowing them to roam the earth, they simply don’t belong here. And if left here, over time, they can turn quite negative and that always causes problems for people or the earth in some way.

I offer a specialist approach with people who have spirit issues, and I start by first of all, checking your environment by seeing what’s going on. Then I check your energy, and the energy of the people you live or work. This will tell me if it’s the place, or the people that’s causing the problems, then we will know the solution. If it’s the people causing the problems, then I will recommend an action plan such as things to work on and heal from, action to take in your daily lives, and how to raise your vibration so that spirits can’t come in.

However, if it’s not the people that’s causing this, then perhaps it’s just the environment, and therefore we can then work on ways to heal the spirits, process the spirits (sending them into the light), and then to cleanse the energy that’s left over so that things can start to become more balanced.

I won’t remove spirits in a home where people are not willing to change their lives, because nothing will change. Spirits are attracted to toxicity, and so, if you don’t want to to heal or bring balance to your home, and end your old ways of doing things, then you’re not ready to fix your spirit problems either. All that will happen is, I remove the spirits, but later that day (or the next day), you bring them right back with your energy and toxicity.

If you want help with spirit issues and are ready to do whatever it takes to heal, then please contact me and we can arrange a suitable time for us to chat on Facebook messenger video call. This is not free, but there’s no fixed charge either. Please make a donation at the end.

If you would like to remove the spirits yourself, please click here for some tips on how to do it.

I don’t charge to remove spirits, but removing spirits usually takes up a lot of time and energy, so I do ask for a donation of what you feel it’s worth, based on what you can afford.