Spiritual Work


Do you want to work on yourself and find inner peace? Do you struggle with your emotions and persistent thoughts? Do you want to create some inner magic and discover who you really are at the soul level? Spiritual work is an 8 session course that will help you to heal, rewire your sub-consciousness so that you can bring self love into your life, and it will help you to discover yourself and your true authenticity. Please scroll down for more information.


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    Spiritual work course

    The ‘Spiritual Work’ course is a 1 on 1 workshop where we will work on things together, so please bring headphones so you can hear well, and a pen and paper so you can make notes. This is broken down into 2 categories ‘Spiritual Therapy’ and ‘Spiritual Development’. Spiritual Therapy: At the spiritual therapy level, we will focus on inner child healing, emotional healing, over-thinking, peace, joy, communication and balancing your energy so that you can stay in a healthy, high vibrational flow state, rather than being triggered and absorbing other people’s energy. This course consists of the following mentoring sessions…


    Spiritual Therapy

    1. Spiritual, emotional & mental blocks assessment (talk therapy).
    2. Shielding & energy management (home work given).
    3. Transmuting emotions & turning them into lessons. Learn to diagnose and problem solve your emotional issues (home work given).
    4. Soul Re-alignment.
    5. Rewiring your sub-conscious (home work given).
    6. Updating your belief system (home work given).


    Spiritual Development

    1. Authenticity: Understand who you are & connecting to your higherself.
    2. Spiritual Abilities: Learning about intuition, the ego, psychic ability & light language ‘the language of the universe’. You will learn how to harness your intuition, how to prevent your ego getting in your way, and how to use psychic abilities (home work given).

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