Shadow & energy work (1 on 1 course)


If you want to work on yourself, and I mean really work on yourself properly, then this course is perfect for you! It will require you to put the effort in, and you will get home work with most sessions too. We will work on all the basics necessary for a spiritual awakening as well as managing your energy and chakra’s, meditation, understanding your emotions, being heart centred rather than in your mind and living a happy and abundant lifestyle.

We will also take a look at your blocks and work through them together, as well as look at your past and what lessons can be learnt there too. But other things that we will work on are raising your awareness, connecting with your spirit guides, angels and higherself and much more.

For details of what we will cover in each 1 on 1 video mentoring session, please scroll down to the ‘description’ section.

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    1st session: Chakra management & basic meditation.

    2nd session: Understanding your emotions & working on them.

    3rd session: Raising your vibration & heart chakra attunement.

    4th session: Learning the lessons of the past, and letting go of the past (detachment).

    5th session: Unblock your blocks.

    6th session: Discover your higherself, spirit guides & angel team (& learn how to connect with them/channeling).

    7th session: Discover the self, your life purpose, soul mission & gifts.

    8th session: Raising your awareness & observation.

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