Next level spirituality

Level One – Detaching from the old self.

Level Two – Creating your new self.

Level Three – Mastering the self.


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    Level One: Detaching from the old self

    1) Breaking Cycles

    * Ending generational trauma & clearing away the baggage from your past.
    * Understanding and overcoming your negative influences.
    * Embracing change.

    2) Energy Management

    * Identifying your thoughts and working on them.
    * Identifying your emotions and healing from them.
    * Identifying your blocks and removing them.
    * Flowing your energy.
    * Mindfulness & re-alignment (re-aligning your energy).
    * Self Awareness.

    3) Soul Realignment

    * Bringing soul energy back/soul discovery, soul embodiment.
    * Being heart centred.
    * Being in the present moment/the now.
    * Embracing the new.


    Level Two: Creating your new self

    1) Self Discovery

    * Discovering who you are.
    * What you should be doing/life purpose.
    * Understanding your metaphysical self.
    * Understanding your higherself, akashic records, intuition and ego.

    2) Raising your vibration & turning on your light

    * Understanding, feeling, and flowing unconditional love & compassion.
    * Inner & outer expressions of love without expectation.
    * Bringing more joy & happiness to your life.


    Level Three: Mastering the self

    1) Discovering your spirit team

    * Discover your spirit guides and angel team, and learn how to connect with them at will.

    2) Activating your psychic senses

    * Developing & using your intuition, usings your gifts and abilities (Clairvoyance, Clairsentience etc).

    3) Spiritual/Psychic Protection

    * Grounding light.
    * Downloading light.
    * Flowing light.
    * Anchoring light shields.
    * Connecting with Archangel Michael & Archangel Azrael.