Inner Magic 1 on 1 workshop


2 levels of 7 x1 hour video sessions including self discovery, inner child, healing & psychic development work. Level 1: Intuitive therapy & spiritual healing. Level 2: Psychic & spiritual development.

    • Visa Card


    Level 1: Intuitive therapy & spiritual healing

    1. Learn to heal from your past, including ‘generational trauma’ and other types of trauma from your past and now. We will do talk therapy through each trauma, and/or difficult situation.
    2. Learn to detach & let go of people from your past that don’t need to be in your life anymore, including, friends, family and relationships. We will also do some intuitive work and do energy management to diagnose your energetic and emotional issues, understand the root cause of things, and find a solution. We will take a look at your thoughts and emotions, and discuss mindfulness & observation too.
    3. Soul Realignment – this is a deep meditation to take you to the depths of your soul so you can reconnect with who you really are and discover yourself and your true identity.
    4. Raising your vibration – In this session, you will learn flow your energy and do an energy flowing meditation, & how to bring joy and happiness into your daily life.

    Level 2: Psychic & spiritual development

    1. Discover your higherself, understand synchronicities, spirit guides, angel team & learn light language (the language that the universe, your guides, and angels speak).
    2. Understanding the universe, the laws that govern it & how it applies to you and others.
    3. Discover your gifts and abilities & learn to harness your psychic ability, using the clairs (clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognisance etc). We will practice techniques of: seeing, hearing, feeling, doing & understanding things in a psychic way.