Friends and family reading


    This reading is similar to the relationship reading, except it’s about a member of your family or friends. This reading is for 1 person only, it is not about the whole family or all of your friends. There are 2 different options for you here. You can choose a basic friends and family reading or a full friends and family reading.

    All card readings will be recorded on audio and sent to your Facebook inbox on messenger.¬†Please message me on messenger here once you’ve paid for your reading, so we can make further arrangements – or if it’s being done in a Facebook live, please let me know in the comments so that I know to do it for you.


    A friends and family reading

    In a friends and family reading, we will use 7 cards in a v-shaped reading as in the diagram on this page. In this reading, we will look at your blocks or challenges and their blocks or challenges, what you need to know about yourself and what you need to know about the other person. Also, I will look at what your guidance is for yourself and for the other person, and what the likely outcome is based on all of this information.


    Are you in a relationship with someone and want to see if it likely to work out? Or perhaps, you’ve met someone and want to see if you and them are compatible? or you just want to know when you will meet someone?

    click here for a relationship reading.



    Layout of the friends and family reading

    You need to tell me the name of the friend or family member for this reading.


    Starter question: What does ‘abc’ need to know about ‘xyz’?

    1. My challenges or blocks.
    2. The other person’s challenges or blocks.
    3. What do I need to know or accept about the other person?
    4. What does the other person need to know or accept?
    5. What is my guidance or advice?
    6. What is the other person’s guidance or advice?
    7. What is the likely outcome?

    Additional information


    Friends and family reading $15.99

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