Reptilian Star Seeds
Reptilian Star Seeds

Reptilian Star Seeds

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  • Shape-shifting to confuse or trick humans
  • lizard-like
  • try to crush humanity’s spiritual enlightenment
  • Reptilian starseeds rarely have a positive goal/They desire control over humans for their own benefit
  • They played a part in the destruction of Lemuria and other realms, and are opposed by many of the other starseed types.
    Mission: To keep humans in the dark about spiritual enlightenment
    Reptilians are a part of the Draconian ancestral line, as are other Lizard people like Saurians
    The goal of Reptilians is to gain control over human societies so that they can manipulate Earth for the benefit of their own civilization
    Many other starseeds exist to try to fight against Reptilians and bring humans to divine consciousness rather than selfish greed.
    David Icke has reported on the Reptilians, noting that they seek political power on Earth to manipulate human societies, cultures, and human development.
    the Reptilians have many enemies who live in the light and have the mission to combat all darkness