* Linear Thinking/Logical Thinking/Analysis Flexible reality Co-creator
People generally regard linear thinking as an honest, mature, and intelligent process when in reality it lacks ingenuity, intuition., flexibility, innovation, and originality. Linear thinking is repetitious and is quite detrimental to spiritual growth. Many people experience linear thinking when they over-think, or question everything to try and reach a logical solution to something. An example of this could be… we experience a spiritual awakening, and we try to think about things to understand things, and it just cannot be understood like that because to understand this take intuition, flexibility and positive energy flow. The more you think, the more you are likely to assume, judge, not understand and feel conflicted by things. Linear thinking causes you to spen so much time in your mind that you can only understand in a linear, logical, ego-orientated, mind programmed way. Let go of the liner thinking, let go of the logic, let go of the analysis and be flexible with everything and then you will see, feel, realise, remember and understand more.

* Energy Flowing
The whole universe is made up of energy, and everything within it is also energy, including us, our food, our tv, our water, our bed, our thinking, our emotions – it’s all energy. Let’s look at things in a more personal way… your body. You have two bodies which are the physical body and the energetic body. The physical body feel symptoms from the energetic body, so if you have blocked the energetic body (light body/merkaba) then your physical body will experience symptoms in some way. For example, if you have blocked your third eye (energetic body), then your mind in the physical body will feel confused because it can’t see the turth in a situation or see the obvious that’s right there in front of you. If your throat chakra is blocked (energetic body) then the physical body will feel a problem with expressing itself and communicating with others and so on. To flow well in both bodies, focus on cleansing the energetic body and unblock your chakra’s, and then your physical symptoms will either dissapear or lessen. However, you must know that just because you work on your energetic body, it doesn’t mean that the problem has gone. This is only treating the symptoms, you must also treat the wound too (so to speak). So you must go to the root of the problem and heal that. You will then start to feel more flowing, less blocked and more together.

* Rules Freedom
Everything on planet Earth revoles around rules. The governments create rules for stability, security and for control. Religion creates rules purely for control, and parents create rules for a number of reasons too. However, if we think logically/linear with our ego mind then we can assume or believe that it is right to do that. We learn from those rules and so we create our own rules for ourself. However, these rules create restriction instead of freedom, because they are not flexible at all. Rules that we create for ourselves such as… we shouldn’t do tarot or oracle cards because it’s evil, prevents us getting intuitive advice from angels and our spirit guides, because we don’t allow our beliefs to be flexible. Religion prevents us in this way, but although we may not be religious, it is religion that has taught us these rules, and so therefore, it is still religious even though we may not even know it. Another rule could be that we have created such a brick wall (metaphor) or barrier in relationships to prevent us from getting hurt, that actually we end up hurting ourselves because people can’t reach us in a way that we can fully appreciate. The rules that we put in place so that people can’t hurt us end up hurting us the most, and we don’t even know it. We need to break down those walls and barriers and open up to vulnerability because sometimes getting hurt is part of our life lessons. We need to experience what comes our way, and then learn and grow from it because everything is a lesson. And so we must remove all rules that we put in place for ourselves and open up to divine flow, no rules, just acceptance of all things. You may have rules in place to protect yourself, but the reason why you do that is because you think too much and end up drawing the conclusion that creating rules with yourself might create more discipline. In some ways it does, but in other ways it’s restricting. If you replace those walls and barriers with boundaries, you then can have the best of both worlds. Rules create limitations and resistrictions because this isn’t allowed and that isn’t either. Brick walls (metaphor) built to protect your emotional state actually increases your separatism and inner duality and therefore you continue to distance yourself from people. Over time, this cause disharmony, disatisfaction and confusion. Instead, if you created boundaries for yourself and for others, then it’s a win win. Boundaries should be flexible and compromising, and low enough for things to still flow, but just high enough for you to retain self worth, self love, respect, and personal power. And so your boundaries should be intuitive boundaries with inspiration, wisdom and flexibility in them. Bear in mind that everything that other people do is just a reflection of them, and not of you – and and the way they act speaks only about them, and nothing of you. Regardless of their intentions, it only becomes personal when you take it onboard and make it personal. Intuitive boundaries could be things like… ‘I accept that people will act according to how they feel, and I will not allow that to enter my energy. But if they act out of low vibration, I will try to help then where I can, instead of taking things personal. I will be intuitive and look for the underlying root of the problem. However, if they continue to act negatively, and does not want help from me, or accept help elsewhere, then I must distance myself so I don’t absorb their low vobrational energy. It is then that I understand and accept that this cannot continue, and so I must make different decisions to preventing things from continuously repeating’. That is an idea of how you can creat boundaries that are intuitive, flexible, compromise but also taking charge of your life. This will help you to feel more free, and you will move away from rules and into closer into freedom.

Another example of how rules can affect us is when we try to to heal but place limitations or demands on it. For example, you may believe that healers should help you for free if they are a proper healer and light worker. But this is judgement, and it isn’t very intutive. Take a look at what healers are. They are: Doctors, nurses, therapists, chiropodists, councelors, masseuses, surgeons etc, and none of them are free. However, you should also bear in mind that if a healer (lightworker) speands 20 minutes with you only, then it could be understood why it would be free. But some people don’t do this work in their part time, they often do it as their full time job/career). It should also be understand that if they are doing this full time, they must pay their bills somehow. Some healers, coaches, or readers will offer a free fiften or twenty minute reading to help you out quickly without it being too time consuming, and it will also give them a way to demonstrate what they can do. We currently live in a world where things still need to be paid for, the fuel in your car, the heat in your home, the food in your cupboards, the clothes on your body. None of these things are free, so instead of reaching a judgment that it is wrong to charge, do bear in mind why you feel this way. Perhaps it’s because you can’t afford to pay anyone, maybe that’s why you expect it for free. Or perhaps you do have money, but have some judgement within you that it is wrong to charge. Either way, if you shift your perception on this and accept that it’s perfectly ok for people to charge for their time, then you will be able to find many more people that can help you much quicker. Another thing to bear in mind is, that if you want to work with a particular healer, reader or coach/mentor, but you cannot afford their prices, it would be wise to mention that to them, because if they know about your financial situation, they may lower their prices to make it easier for you to be able to pay. But whatever your situation or feelings are towards paying lightworkers for their time, you will have more chance to find the right people, if you accept that sometimes it may come with a charge. If you want something enough, you will find the money. Not everyone needs assistance, some people can travel their path alone and find their way, but some cannot. If you are poor but you find the money for cigarettes, or money for alcohol, or money to go out or buy a treat for yourself, there is no reason why you can’t find the money to find a suitable healer or coach too, even if it means you need to cut back on something and save up for a while. Your soul is worth it.

Hard working/Working smarter with inspiration
Working hard is something that is ingrained into us from childhood, and when we awaken, we need to end the old ways of doing things including working harder. Instead we need to wrok smarter with inspiration. Working smarter instead of working harder can cut down the time it takes us to spiritually transform. When we add inspiration into this, it cuts it down a lot more. Of course, we cann skip lessons and so it takes as long as it takes, but if we use inspiration in our work, then we will be able to observe well, pick up well psychicly, we will hear, feel, see, know or realise our path as it will come through easier than if we think a lot and work hard. Keep it simple, don’t work hard trying to figure things out, observe absolutely everything, listen to inspiration thoughts that come to you out of no-where, and do intuitive journaling. Write everythign down, even if it takes you a long time, it’s well worth the investment of time, it really will pay off! Once you have been journalling everything, once a week reflect on things, look at your journalling (the things that you’ve writter) and reflect on what you’ve learnt. you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve learnt, or at least you’ll understand what your blocks are, and it’s all important. The key to this is to not rush forward. If you rush forward, then it is the same thing as working hard. Instead, work slower, but do it with observation, awareness, intuition, and inspiration and you’ll progress a lot quicker on your path.

* Cause and effect (your actions have consequences) Synchronicities (you notice things are happening for a reason) You are guided and supported through your awareness
Everything happens for a reason, and nothing is by chance. The difference between coincidence and synchronicity is that if coincidences were real then it would mean that this the universe makes mistakes and that this is all happening by chance and not for a reason. Whereas a synchronicity means that everything is happening for a reason and the universe within you is showing you signs and messages and communicating with you. You can observe synchronicities more by standing still for a while and not thinking, instead… use your inspiration for a while and create something, then ask your inner universe… ‘
is this right for me’, if you don’t see a synchronicity for a while, be patient, it sometimes takes time. If you don’t see it at all, then perhaps it’s not meant for you or not right for you right now, or simply you’re just meant to trust more, so believe! When you do notice the synchronicities, pay attention to the means are. Don’t think, just realise, because you know the answer already, it’s all the within you. When you noticing these signs and messages, know that you aare being guided. But you must be open and aware to be able to notice them, so observation (not watching obsessively) is the key.

* High Expectations Contentment
High expectation can stem from a number of factors including high empathy, and a lack of contentment as well as trauma’s and many other things too. People with an ability for high empathy usually expect the same sort of compassion that they have for people to return to them. When it doesn’t, there is usually discontentment because it created high expectations of others – way beyond their current capability. Some people term others as narcisists, but this is usually because those people have blockages with showing empathy, which can be cause by a number of things, including hurt, dissappointment and trauma. Often when someone gets hurt, or is afraid of getting hurt, they close up, the build an imaginary barrier or wall to protect themselves, but usually it results in more hurt and disappointment for them, and so they close up even more. It’s then perceive by some people as narcism. Having high expectations often leads to disappointment and failure. It should be understood why a person has high exptations, because if it is regarding love, then perhaps it is something they need to release from the past, such as a lack of success in relationships in the past driving them to having high expectations this time around. It could also be that you may have a high degree of compassion that you are aware of, even partially within you, and therefore you may be expecting others to also show that sort of compassion towards you. It must be understand and accpeted that not everyone can show that in ways that others accept or buy into. Lowering your expectations can help with letting people connect with you more, and allowing them to open up more to you, because if they don’t feel threatened by your high expectations, then they don’t have to build a defence between you and them. But lowering your expectations doesn’t mean that you are giving other people permission to walk over you, it just means that you are not making it almost impossible for other people to open up and connect to you properly and in a balanced way that works for both you and them. Accepting people for who they are is the key to balancing with this, but that doesn’t mean you should accept everyone into your life. Know who is right and wrong to be in your life now, and block people if necessary, or open up more if necessary, but do make those decisions with a lot of committment. So accept people for who they are, and accept all things for what they are, and you will find that your life is more balanced and flowing because this energy of acceptance brings contentment. Contentment is a fifth dimensions energy, and so it causes flow of love and light, often without people noticing it. It comes in many forms including joy, happiness, laughter and so on.

* Worrying/Doubt/Concerns Trust
It is important to trust the universe. When we worry, we block our manifestations, and we end up resiting the process rather that surrendering to it. Let go of your doubts and concerns, and don’t let fear get to you. The human mind has been programmed since birth with fear, and a lack of trust – and so, we need to reprogram and realign with our trust in the universe within us. If you raise your vibration, trust and let go of the things that hold you back, you will flow better. You may have heard the term ‘go with the flow’ before, that’s exactly what ‘the flow’ is. Go with the flow of the universe, the flow of your own soul and watch things unfold and work for you. When you worry, doubt and resist, you will not only likely block your manifestations, but you will also lower your vibration and awareness too. Accepting the present for what it is now and build upon thing or completely create new things. Let go fo the control you have over the way things should work, because when you are flexible, the universe can bring you greater things which might otherwise be blocked because of your infelexibility. This will bring in higher vibrations and frequencies and flow.

* Conditional love/limited love Unconditional love
Many people through high expectations want to experience unconditional love, without giving putting it out. Others may put it out but don’t receive it. Conditional love is love that has conditions. Let’s take an average wedding for example. So you get married, and your husband or wife to be take a vow that he/she will be with you till death do us part. First of all, this is not a promise that either of them have the right to make, because neither of them know if that is true. Imagine if your partner cheats on you, will you still keep that vow? What if your partner decides to leave you for someone else, should you keep that vow and have they kept it? It only applies to some peopel who take the vows seriously, which is not most of the time. Unconditional love is not something that should be expected or sought in a relationship, it’s something that is realised within us all. If you meditate and detach from your mind, and then sink into your body, deeper, and deeper into your body… and then sink below the body. Completely detach from the mind and body and sink below into your soul. Keep going all the way down until you reach the seat of your soul and bring your awareness to the vibration of your soul. Tune into the unconditional love and become one with it. Be aware that there are no limitations or boundairies,and no conditions. Bring it back up and into the body and share the unconditional love and light with your mind and body. That’s unconditional love!