Soul Realignment


In this video session, you will learn breath work, purging (letting go of the old/ending karma), let go of thinking and any attachment to the mind and body, 5th dimensional attunement (filling up with unconditional love and then flowing it), relieve stress, over-thinking and anxiety. You will learn how to navigate away from your mind, realign with your soul and it will heal you very quickly and help you to stay balanced and grounded.

Forgiveness and sending love and compassion is also part of this session, as is soul travel – leaving the body and connecting with the seat of the soul. On the way back up again, we will connect with people that have hurt us and forgive them and bring balance there too. You will also learn meditation in this session, and a meditation to learn how to sleep well. You will also learn how to turn compassion and empathy and unconditional love into an unshakeable strength.

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