Self Discovery (1 on 1 course)


If you really want to understand who you truly are and what you’re here to achieve, then this course could be just right for you. However, if you still need to work on yourself and heal, then I would recommend you to take the shadow & energy work course. This course will work on you raising your vibration and being more heart centred, as well as taking a look at your blocks and working on them. I will also show you how to connect with your higherself, discover your spirit guides and angels, and understand your gifts and abilities and what your life purpose is.

1st session: Raising your vibration & heart chakra attunement.

2nd session: Unblock your blocks.

3rd session: Discover your higherself, spirit guides & angel team (& learn how to connect with them/channeling).

4th session: Discover the self, your life purpose, soul mission & gifts.

5th session: Raising your awareness & observation.

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