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  • 1 hour guidance session (reading)

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    2 hour video guidance session


    Sometimes we all need a little help. I guide people to understand themselves, what going on in their life and what they universe, angels and spirirt guides are saying to them. I help people to interpret what they are seeing and experiencing, including their angel number messages, and other types of synchronicities. Sometimes, a bit of guidance from a spiritual mentor is all we need.

  • 5 card reading

  • 5D assessment report


    5D assessments to see where you are on the 5D enlightenment scale. once you’ve paid for your assessment, please contact me, and I will send you a list of questions to answer. Once I get your list of answers back, I’ll send you an assessment report of my findings based on your answers.

  • Discovery Session

    I’m a spiritual awakening mentor, and if you feel you’d like a menor/coach, we could do a discovery session if you’d like. A discovery session is where we discuss your blocks, what you should focus on etc. I don’t charge for this, but I do ask that a donation is made after the session if you got value from it as this is my full time job.

  • Energy Management Course


    6 powerful sessions to help you manage your energy. This things we will cover in these sessions are: detachment & shielding (protecting your energy), balancing the energetic blocks in your body & your chakras, cleansing your aura & flowing your energy, inner child healing, emotional healing ‘polarity healing (turning negatives into positives)’, shadow work, discovering the real & authentic you – including your life purpose, ending limiting beliefs & open yourself up to your full potential, goal setting, understanding Angel numbers, synchronicities, and De ja vu, shifting from 3D to 5D, relativity & polarities.

    Also, you will learn to understand the universe, how it works and how it can work for you (replace over-thinking/over-analysing with intuition), activating your psychic senses & working with your spiritual abilities (Clairvoyance, Clairsentience etc), & connecting to your Akashic records.

    For more information, click here.

  • Heal, discover yourself & shine course


    There are 3 (1 on 1) video mentoring sessions in this course, to help you to heal and overcome your trauma’s and the things that hold you back. We will then take a look at your life purpose and what you are here to achieve, and what your soul mission is so you can understand your bigger picture.

    We will connect to your higherself, and use your abilities to be able to tap into your personal akashic records to retrieve your soul mission. This will tell you, who you really are at the deepest level of authenticity, and where you are from in this universe and why you are here. You will learn how to take control of your life and tap into your innate abilities.

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    Learn to understand Angel numbers (2 hours)


    Some of the most common Angel numbers are 11:11, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 911 – but what do they mean? Many people search for the answers on a search engine. The problem with that is that Angel Numbers mean different things to different people, depending on what you were doing, thinking and feeling in the moment, and the Angel Number websites don’t know what you were doing, thinking and feeling, so they just give you some of the general meanings of the numbers – which is why each website will tell you something different.

    This session is 2 hours long, but I will teach you how to understand Angel Numbers so that you don’t have to keep asking what they mean. You can then understand what it is that the Angels are saying in those numbers.

  • Mental & physical energy management

    Mental & physical energy management – in this session, we will focus on what’s going on in your mind, and assess your mental state and work on bring balance back into your mind. I will teach you balancing and grounding meditations, so that you can meditate by yourself, to prevent you from over-things, and to help you to sleep well, and think better. Schedule time for rest and recovery. Discipline.

  • Spirit Guide Session


    This is a 2 hour session, where I will teach you how to connect to your spirit guides, but also how to maintain a strong connection with them and how to bring in intuitive messages from your spirit team.

  • Spirit Removal (2 hours)


    This session will help you to remove spirits in your home, and spirits that are attached to you. You don’t have to live in fear, that’s what they feed off of. this session is distant (done on video chat), but it’s also very affective. I don’t need to be in the room because energy travels, and so I can show you how to remove them. You will need a dried sage stick, salt (table salt is fine), and a small bottle of water. At the end of this session, your home will vibrate higher and be completely spirit free. This session can take anything between 1 hour and 2 hours.

    Please bear in mind, in most cases the spirit/s can be removed easily. But if your home is situation on a natural portal or near and church or graveyard, it might not be so easy, as spirits are attracted to those things. I cannot guarantee it will work if you live near a church, graveyard or if your home was built on land where lots of death occured, such as a battle.

  • Understand your life purpose, soul mission and why you are here (2 hours)

    1. Understand your life purpose, soul mission and why you are here (2 hours).
    2. In-depth shadow work.
    3. Blocks.
    4. Raising your vibration
      Soul Realignment – Raising your vibration.
      Stopping over-thinking/Mind Awareness.
    5. Life purpose & higherself channeling – in this session I will perform a highself channeling where we can tap into knowledge within you, and allow it to show us the way forward with clarity. We will look at your life purpose, your gifts, your strengths and other things to work on. I will then give you a report of what said, and guide you accordingly.
      Purging (letting go of the old/ending karma).
    6. Raising your awareness
      Staying balanced/grounded, Observing.
      Synchronicity Awareness.
      Raising your awareness/shielding/working on your triggers.
      Connecting to your light body.
    7. Trusting yourself and the universe (go with the flow, observe what is going on and trust the awareness you have to it, gut instinct etc).
    8. Creating a path.
      Help them to create their path, how to do things for their life purpose based on what we’ve learnt from the higherself channeling.Self belief.
      Discuss their self belief and help them to believe in themselves by focusing on their strengths and not their weaknesses. Beleive in yourself as you step onto your path.Simplifying
      Simplify your life. If you are working too much, take regular time off. If you have lots of committments, let go of some of them so that you give yourself enough times.

      Each day, do something that you love. This will ensure that you will keep your vibration high, and it will also help you to let go of the past and move forward and not over-think etc.

      Learning new things.
      Every week, make a plan on what you want to learn. Don’t think it, let the universe show you the way by observing what you’re being shown.

      Whatever bad situation, or bad comments you experience, flip it over and see the positive.

      Kundalini Rising
      Release Kundalini from the root chakra and place high vibrations into the body so that it raises the vibration and awareness.

    9. Create new ideas, and widen your perspective and visualise how you want things. Be very honest and clear about what it is that you wish to manifest in your life. Write it down on paper, and work towards making it happen, manifest it. Find harmony and happiness within. Search for your truth and change your patterns of thoughts. Listen to yourself more because you know yourself better than others do. Take a balanced approach with moderation, and have more self control, and patience. Light up your truth, and be true to your values, and work on your claircognisance/knowing. Get creative with the things that you struggle with. Make a list of your difficulties, and then find solutions to either fix them or to prevent them from hurting you. If those things don’t work, find an alternative path. I want you to write this down on a note pad or piece of paper ‘I am asked not to think about this, and so I won’t. Instead I am going to smile, and feel amazing because I know my future is going to be amazing’. Every time you get a negative feeling, go get your note pad, and read that message to yourself and make it happen. Don’t get upset, just read the question and then answer it as intuitively as you can.* Journaling
      * Self Realisation (embodying your divinity ‘who am I’ affirmations).
      * Observing & Tracking.
      Tracking is about tracking your thoughts and observations and desires and making lists so that you can make an action plan to overcome your obstacles and move forward. Reprogram yourself and release what isn’t working for you anymore. So, take a look at what isn’t working for you and if it isn’t a quick realignment or a simple fix, accept that it isn’t right for you anymore, and instead of focusing on what isn’t right for you, focus on what is and get creative with those things.

      * Self-talk/sabotage/Release limitations (5 minutes).

      * Keeping your vibration high (5 minutes).
      Focus on positive things. Spend time with people who ignite your passions rather than with people who hold you back. choose the people you spend time with wisely, and if you allow negativity or things that are likely to upset you (such as judgment, politics etc) then your energy will suffer and so will your vibration. And so, you would need to re-balance again. Instead, you could focus only on the positivity, even on social media, you can choose what you read on your wall and inbox. So to keep your vibration high, you could also check the list of things you wrote down in the ‘raising your vibration’ part that we covered earlier. However we come into contact with negativity or lower vibrations, it will have an impact on us on some level. If someone else speaks negatively, we could hear it and be affected by it, especially those who are empaths, and if you spoke the negativity, not only would you be the creator of it, you would absorbs it, and it would vibrate stronger within you because your communication vibrates within you, causing even more chaos within you.

      * Inspiration (2 minutes).
      To be inspirational to others, you could lead people by example rather than expecting people to change by telling them. Show them how it’s done, by doing it, they will then feel inspired and your light will light up their darkness. As a lightworker, when you help people to feel inspired and to believe in themselves, you help yourself and them. This is because they get the help they need, you create energy for manifesting more wonderfulness, you also get growth and you feel amazing and powerful too. Just be aware of not to let your ego get in the way. Help people to re-ignite their passions and open up to love. Help people to focus on the positives, even when there have been so many negative’s by focusing on the opposite pole (polarity). Help people to feel stronger by helping them to realise themselves, not in a judgement of others way, but more in an inspiring, personal power way.

      * Reflection (1 minutes).
      Take time to reflect on things and be brave and honest as to how things affect you and have affected you, but also what you have learnt from your experiences. Transform things in a compassionate way, not in a judgemental way. Understand what’s right and what isn’t for you. Trust in the purity of your heart, because your answers are right there, they are not on the internet. Take a look at your options, get creative with them and expand them using lists. Once you have done that, turn problems into learning opportunities, and make a list of all of the things you have learnt about yourself now).

      * Lack (2 minutes).
      If you tell yourself you don’t have something, you are hurting yourself with a lower vibrational thought process which is limiting you to manifest and it is bias based on a lower perspective of what is. For example… you feel you lack a relationship. However, what you may not have considered is that you have created an excellent opportunity to give yourself time and space to work on yourself, so you can raise your vibration and get what you want. Flip it over, and look at the other pole (polarity).
      Let’s take a look at lack, what don’t you have that you wished you could have more of? (help them to look at things differently, using polarity).

      * Silence the mind
      Silence the mind to free yourself to distractions so you can allow impressions to come through. Don’t be tempted to try to visualise anything, and if anything comes to mind, focus on clearing it, completely silence the mind. Remove all fears, all doubts and all questions. Simply, stay in the quietness.Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Visualise a white ball of light in your heart chakra, the size of a golf ball and feel the loving light energy from it. As you breathe in through your nose, expand the light, as you breathe out, breathe the light energy into your body. Then repeat until the light is fully expanded into your who body. Then, feel the energy in your body, and fire it up to expand it. And then allow the light energy to become one with your own energy, and then release it into your aura. Feel the pressure release as it leaves your body. Repeat this process until there is nothing left inside, and then your Kundalini/Qi/Chi energy is flowing within you, and you’re at peace and harmony.

      Now I want you to feel the energetic body within you, that’s your very own light body. Feel it vibrating inside of you, and tune into it’s energy. Each breath you breathe in will draw more light in from source, and as you breathe out through your mouth, you are blowing light into the Earth through the Earth grid inside of you. Know that with each breath you take, the more you breathe light into the world.

      Now visualise a grid inside of your heart chakra, this is called the light grid. It connects you to source and it allows you to download light, ascension codes, and DNA activations. Now visualise a tuquise chakra above the heart chakra. Not many people know about this chakra, but it is called the ‘Thymus Chakra’ and it is extremely powerful for those who are awakening. See how it shines so brightly and powerfully. Feel it’s energentic vibration, and visualise yourself opening this chakra. As you open it, you feel a flood of energy pouring in. This is higher wisdom and higher knowledge, but don’t feel overpowered by it, know that it is a blessing for you to have access to it. Allow the light from this chakra to fill up your body, and breathe in this higher light wisdom. Know that this wisdom is not coming from you, it is from your very own akashic records which is coming in through your higher self.

      And now we are going to increase the energy that you feel. Feel your very own light body, and get in tune with its frequency, feel it’s love and compassion and it’s energy. And after 3, I want you to step out of your body and into your own aura of light and into your own light body. 1, 2, 3.

      Notice how your body looks, it’s like a hologram of yourself, it’s a pure light body with no physical form. It doesn’t feel pain or hurt like the body feels, it’s made up only of pur love and compassion for itself and for others. And now, take a deep breathe in through your nose, and breathe in that higher self wisdom, pick up your pen, and allow your higher self to communicate through your hand. Don’t allow your mind to try to make sense of anything, just let your own higher self intuition do the work with your hand. Keep writing and tell me when you’re finished.

    11. Automatic Writing.
      So now we’re going to do automatic writing. If you want to communicate with your guide, but you find it difficult to hear him/her or to feel the connection, a really useful way of connecting with them is to do automatic writing. So for this, you will need to do the breathing, and you will need to go deep into meditation, just keep your mind free, no need for visualising anything. Just keep yourself clear. Feel yourself sinking deeper into meditation, and as you sink deeper, you actually notice your who lightbody sink into your a deeper dimension. Feel your energy become lighter, and feel your who body lighten like a feather. And now, in you mind, call your guide and wait for him/her to connect with you. You should feel a tingling sensation, or a chilling sensation when your guide is with you. Let me know when your guide has arrived.* So I am going to ask you some questions, and I want you to ask those questions to your guide and do not allow your mind to think at all. Write down exactly what your guide gives you and don’t question it, even if it sounds ridiculous to you. Don’t wait too long, and don’t give yourself time to think. The moment you ask the question, the answwer is ready for you, just feel the answer, don’t think it. Write it down immediately, and when you’ve finished writing, tell me. Your first question is…

      1) Where are you from?
      2) Do I have other spirit guides, or are you the only one?
      3) Please tell me about my life purpose?
      4) What do I need to be aware of as I move forward in my life purpose.
      5) Is there anything else that I should know?

      And now thank your guide for his/her communication, and when you’re ready – open your eyes.



      Blocks (30 minutes), align your priorities (1 minute), Getting Creative (10 minutes).
      Create new ideas, and widen your perspective and visualise how you want things. Be very honest and clear about what it is that you wish to manifest in your life. Write it down on paper, and work towards making it happen, manifest it. Find harmony and happiness within. Search for your truth and change your patterns of thoughts. Listen to yourself more because you know yourself better than others do. Take a balanced approach with moderation, and have more self control, and patience. Light up your truth, and be true to your values, and work on your claircognisance/knowing. Get creative with the things that you struggle with. Make a list of your difficulties, and then find solutions to either fix them or to prevent them from hurting you. If those things don’t work, find an alternative path. I want you to write this down on a note pad or piece of paper ‘I am asked not to think about this, and so I won’t. Instead I am going to smile, and feel amazing because I know my future is going to be amazing’. Every time you get a negative feeling, go get your note pad, and read that message to yourself and make it happen. Don’t get upset, just read the question and then answer it as intuitively as you can.

      Tracking is about tracking your thoughts and observations and desires and making lists so that you can make an action plan to overcome your obstacles and move forward. Reprogram yourself and release what isn’t working for you anymore. So, take a look at what isn’t working for you and if it isn’t a quick realignment or a simple fix, accept that it isn’t right for you anymore, and instead of focusing on what isn’t right for you, focus on what is and get creative with those things.

      Make 5 lists. Give yourself more than one possible solution on all lists by getting creative with them, using layers of thought, because if the first thing isn’t successful, at least you will have more options available to you.

      List 1 is called… ‘My Fears’. Write down all of your fears in a list. Then take a look at them and figure out what triggers them or why they happen, and the find practical solutions to overcome them. Fear is just a deception, and when we go through a spiritual awakening, we need to remove all deception and fears from within us. Then track down your desire and inspirations and make a list of them. Do the same with your gifts, talents and abilities, not based on what the mind thinks or what society, religion or others say is right for you, but from your own inner knowing, what you feel in your heart.

      List 2 is called… ‘My Difficulties’. Write down all of your difficulties in a list. Then take a look at them at why those things are so difficult and if you can find a simpler solution to things by looking at layers and polarity. If you want to understand about layers and polarity, there is a session for that, so just ask me about it. So, find practical solutions to overcome your difficulties, but if you can’t, then it’s telling you something, what is it telling you? Perhaps that thing is no longer right for you, and perhaps you may need to make different decisions or even walk away from it.

      List 3 is called… ‘My gifts, talents and abilities’. Make a list of your qualities, your gifts, your talents and abilities and dont leave anything important out. Include things like your spiritual gifts, your communication gifts, your ability to bring people together, your abilities to help people open up to themselves or understand themselves, your healing abilities. Get adventurous with the list, and then ask yourself a question ‘how can I help myself and others with this?’

      List 4 is called… ‘My Desires’. Write down all of your desires and the things that you want to achieve in a list. Don’t include things like a big house, a fast car, or a highly paid job, because those things are all 3rd dimensional consiousness things. Put 5th dimensional consiousness things in your list such as… how can I best serve the divine, how can I best serve others, how can I best be true to my authentic self etc.

      List 5 is called… ‘My Lessons’. When you have solved something that you have been working on in your lists, they are then lessons that you have learnt where you can also help others overcome things in a similar way. this will be an ongoing and unfolding process, so write down all of your lessons in a list and keep adding to it whenver you learn something new. Ask yourself ‘what can I learn from this experience?’
      (Do the first one with them, as them to write it in and then tell me what is it and help them get creative with it.)

      Self-talk/sabotage/Release limitations (5 minutes).
      The days of self sabotage need to be a thing of the past, because that is 3rd dimensional consiousness. If you tell yourself that you can’t do something then you are limiting yourself immensely. A few years ago, I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams that I qould actually be here now guiding people like you in their lives, and so you shouldn’t limit yourself too. And this starts with ending your self talk and self sabotage. You should look at how you limit yourself and find practical solutions to stop doing that, which means finding ways to take things forward too. For example, if you tell yourself that you are not good enough or gifted enough to be a healer, then with that kind of self-talk, you make it true in your current reality. However, to change that kind of self talk, you could say things such as… I am not currently aware of how I could best use my abilities or gifts to help others, and so I will work on my abilties and gifts, until I find the right path. That’s it, job done. No need to beat yourself up. Just remain open and aware, ebcause then you will receive guidance, whether it is through numbers, synchronicities, de ja vu or something else, but you need to be open and aware to receive that guidance and whatever you do, don’t rush the learning process. Don’t expect things to happen in your time, because they rarely will, things happen in divine time because it’s an unfolding process. IF you don’t like the way you live, find solutions to improve your quality of life. For example, if you don’t like where you live, write it down in one of your lists of things to work on and find solutions with. Don’t give up on things or yourself, just make better decisions because spiritual awakenings are not about working harder, they are about working smarter, using your intuition with everything and not your mind to over-think the process. You can start ending your negative self talk by changing the way you think and speak such as… instead of saying ‘I don’t want a relationship like the last one I had’ because you qill manifest a relationship exactly like the one you had. Instead, say something like… I want different things next time, and I am prepared to wait for as long as it takes to get that, and then you make active steps towards getting the things you want.

      * Self Discovery.
      Life purpose/discover your authentic self (5 minutes).
      Take a look at their life purpose and tell them, their list of qualities, gifts and abilities and compare them to find ways of using those gifts in your life purpose. Find the truth for you by feeling it, seeing it and knowing it. Feel the way forward. Never under-estimate your abilities or gifts, and take control of your life, and don’t allow your mind to do that for you. Work on a practical plan with new ideas utilising your gifts, talents and abilities. Don’t do this in fear, just go for it and have confidence in yourself, and resist the temptation to doubt yourself.

      Modalities (5 minutes).
      Find out their modalities, based on what they feel drawn to doing and what is guided to them and how etc.

      Using your talents, skills and abilities (2 minutes).
      Take a look at the lists and expand on them with a new list. Make a list of what it is that you feel you can offer people help with such as…
      Relationship guidance.
      Career guidance.
      Checking people’s options for them.
      Helping people who have inner fears.

      You don’t have to put those things on your list, they are just examples. what do you feel should be on that list? Put only things that you know you will be naturally good at.

      Goals (1 minute).
      Now set reachable goals, not to far into the future, and if you’ve already started making lists, make sure they are completely asap so that you can move forward. Write down a stategy for mastering these services that you will offer, bu having a fool proof technique and plan of action, covering every situation. You can do this for example for relationship guidance, and looking at the different types of relationships, and creating imaginary situations, and then solving them in your mind.

    12. BLOCKS
      Some people believe that you can remove blocks by meditating and chakra balancing. Although, in some ways this is true, it is limited at to how it works for you on a personal level. You may feel rejuvinated after the meditation, but shortly after, you may feel blocked again. And this is because you need to get to the root cause of the blockage. Why are you blocked? I will show you how to remove block by moving forward with confidence and clarity and changing your energy.* Expectations – Most people expect things to work in a certain way, because that is what society or religion has taught us. Letting go of old thought patterns that prevent us from opening up to happiness, is a difficult process and it takes time and effort and a lot of willpower. It is when we release our expectations and old ways of doing things that we actually see that we improve our personal circumstances and raise our vibration. Being kind to others, leading by example and showing compassion and unconditional love. Be open minded, because you will learn more things from this. Be flexible and open minded as to the results and your expectations. When we ask God for something and it doesn’t come or it doesn’t come right away, we often get dissapointed. But why? That’s because we asked God for something and we expected God to give us what we wanted. We are demanding things from God with our epxectations, and it doesn’t work that way. when we ask for things, we first need to ask ourselves 1) Is this right for us, or do we just feel we need it to make ourselves feel better? 2) Is it realistic, for example, you can’t expect to win the lottery for example. Or you can’t ask God for a car without doing anything to be able to receive it. The way it works is, we must first remove our blocks, which are first about not expecting anything. We may work towards achieving things, but we should not expect anything. This is because expectations are conditions, and conditions are conditional and it’s conditional because if we don’t receive what we expect, then we get disappointed and disillusions, confused, hurt and that’s the wrong vibration for the 5th dimension, which is why you are going through your spiritual awakening, you are awakening to this 5th dimension. So it’s ok to want things, but you have to ask yourself if it’s right for you, and how you need to approach getting this. Then focus on it, and make steps towards achieving it. If the results you want don’t come quickly, this could be that maybe your energy is wrong or the way you approached it is, or maybe it’s not right for you right now, or the timing isn’t right, so be ware of those thigns too and be patient too and wait for divine timing.

      * Divine Service
      * Letting go of the old (social norms and religious views) – Many people still believe that to love God, they need to go to church or read a religious book, or follow a certain religious way, but it’s not the way things are today. The old ways of following social norms and old religious doctrines are long gone. You need to let go completetly of the old ways of thingking about things, and just be at one with the divine and wait for guidance of what you are being guided to do by your angels.

      * Surrender – To be in divine service, you do not need to be religious, but that is not to say that you shouldn’t be religious either. The art of divine service is simply surrendering to divine will and to be at one with source.

      * Christ Consciousness – many people see God as one thing and themselves as another thing, but God is actually within us in the form of a consciousness which is called Christ Consciousness. It’s also called universal consciousness. But it is inside of you, and you move the way love asks you, not to the way others see things. Love is God, love is you too, because you have God right there inside of you, and so you are also love. you need to stop seeing unconditional love, and God as something you want to have inside of you, and realise that it’s already inside of you. And so, this means you need to also work on the way you see things too. Alignment is about fully surrendering to the divine and losing all sense of expectation, judgement, and conditions, and timing, and just realise that where you are from, there is no such thing as time, there is only love. And so, surrender to that, and be true to yourself by accepting that you have the universe, god and Christ Consciousness within you, and you’ll flourish.

      * The 144 Crystalline Ascension Grid – Not everyone believes in this grid, but I can tell you for certainty that it is real, because I remember leaving my body every night in my dreams when I was 9 years old, and I did this every night until I was 11. And I would send light and love and compassion into this grid, so I know it exists, because I’ve seen it hundreds of times when I was a child, and I have worked on it too. Imagine looking at Google Earth, and looking down on the Earth and you see a grid around the Earth, that’s the way the Earth really is, it has a gride around it. You can’t see it with your naked eyes, but it does exist in the higher dimensions, and when you level up enough, you can see it. That Earth Gride coverse the whole Earth and it is also inside you and me and every single other human being. but there is also another grid and I will send you information about it later. This 144 Crystalline Ascension Grid has always existed, but it wasn’t necessary to be active until humans reached a certain stage in evolution, basically, we wasn’t ready for it before, but now we are. And that grid is connected to the universe and the divine, and it is also inside of our heart. This is why people tell us to send love into the world through your heart, or feel the love of God in your heart. it’s because you’re connected to it through the grid. Your DNA contains activation codes that activate at certain stages of your life, depending on your growth and awareness and other reasons too. And that’s how you can go through a spiritual awakening, your DNA is timed perfectly, and it activates, and you suddenly start feeling differnetly that you’re connected to everything, and that’s because you can feel those grids inside of you, you might not know they are grids, but it is what you feel. Don’t focus on thje grids though, or it will confuse you and dominate your mind. You only need to be aware that you are connected to everything through the grids. But the light energy comes from the Divine, and you feel other people’s energy because they have the grid inside of them and so do you, it’s only them sending energy out by saying something or feeling something, and then that energy travels through the grid and into the world, and if you are near them or connected to them in some way, it travel through the grid and comes to you through the grid. Like I said though, don’t focus on the gird, just know that everything is connected, and we are all connected.

      * Detachment – You are going trhough a spiritual awakening, and so you need to understand that you are need to raising your vibration to ascend to a higher dimension, but to get to that higher dimension, you have to leave your worldly baggage behind. You can’t bring hurt into love, and so the hurt of this world must stay behind as you ascend. For this to happen, you need to completely detach from worldly things, that’s money, wealth and all of those things. Some people say that you can’t be wealthy and ascend, such as the bible for example, and Buddha also said it. The bible says it is harder for a rich man to get into heaven than it is for a cow to fit through the eye of a needle. Buddha says, you need to kill the ego and detach yourself from wordly things. Both of those things suggest that you can’t ascend into the 5th dimension and be rich. This isn’t true, however, if you have a deep desire for wealth then youa re attached to worldly things, which means you are anchoring to this planet and cannot ascend. However, if you do happen to have lots of money, but it doesn’t rule your life, and you are generous and kind to others and charitable, and you don’t cling on to the money, then it’s still possible to ascend, because you’re vibration isn’t clinging to this world. So let go of worldy desires that don’t feel right, such as old habits that have no purpose such as smoking, drugs, trying to make lots of money to feed your ego or your desire for wealth, and then you can ascend. However, we must take into consideration your life purpose here. Mahybe your life purpose includes you doing something and it causes you to make a lot of money. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as it doesn’t rule you and you don’t cling on to it. As long as it doesn’t anchor you to this Earth, then you will still ascend.

      * Divine Timing – So many people expect things to happen when they want them too or when they feel they need them. The divine knows when the right time is, and things always happen when in divine timing, not in your timing. You need to just accept that you are not in the driving seat here, you are not in control. So let go of the need to be in control of everything, and let nature take its course and don’t try to force things, because then you make it harder, or things can take longer, and it can even completely stop everythign from happening altogether because you end up creating a vibration in you that doesn’t appreciate your wonderful blessing to come here and experience the joy of helping others to ascend, but you can’t do that your way, you must do it the divine way. So we surrender to divine will and divine timing, but you also get to choose your life purpose, which is something that is already connected to your soul anyway. We must be in complete unity and oneness with the divine, and at the same time achieving what we wanted to achieve here too, which is our life purpose, which I will cover in the next session.

      * The Here and Now – Be completely in the present moment, in the here and now, because you can’t change the past because it has already happened, and you are not in the fututure yet so you don’t need to focus on it, because the future could also change depending on your here and now. So, it’s all about the here and now, that’s you you, right here right now, with no worries of the past or future. You also manifest well if you are in the here and now too.

      * Gratitude – Be grateful for all things, even the things that hurt you, because it’s those things that teach you most in life.


      So now, we are going to do some light channeling, that is bring the divine light and love into your channel, which is your sould body, your energy inside of you. We will bring that light in and re-align your energy with the divine, and get your whole channel and body connected with source. I saw re-align instead of align because before you came here to Earth, you were already aligned, but now you’re here, you’re in a lower vibrating place, and so you’re no longer aligned.

      Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Feel the energy in your body, and continue to do this until you feel the energy in your body firing up, and then breathe out through your nose and release it. Keep doing this until there is nothing left inside, and you’re at peace.

      1) And now visualise a star in the sky, and bring it closer toward you, and watch it expand all around you and cover you with love and protection. Allow it to enter your crown chakra and let it travel down to your heart chakra.

      2) See a a column (or a beam) of light come out of your heart centre and watch it shoot through the top of your head, and all the way into space.

      3) Visualising a small white ball of light in your heart chakra, this is the centre of the energy for your body. And know that you are one with source, that’s the divine.

      5) Breathe in through your nose and expand that big ball of white light in your heart chakra. Breathe in through your nose again and see the white light expand and spread everywhere in your body.

      6) And now, visualise a column (or a beam) of light come out of your heart chakra, and watch it shoot downwards through your feet and through the Earth and all the way to the core of the Earth. Wrap the light around the Earth’s core and tie a knot and allow it to travel back up through the Earth and through your feet and back up into you heart chakra. Know that you are now connected with source above you and you allow source energy to through your crown, and then ground with the Earth.

      7) And now take a deep breath and release that light into your aura around you. Know that you are now a channel for source, and you will be sharing so much love and light with the world, and so must look after your mind, body and soul now. You are now one with the divine.