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  • Chakra Healing (1 hour)


    I will unblock your chakra’s, balance them, and open you upp to bring in new energy and to ground your energy with the Earth. Then we’ll work on flowing your energy and cleansing your aura. This will take about 1 hour to complete.

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    Energy Healing (2 hours)


    When I do energy healing, I do it through distance healing. I do a complete energy balancing including chakra balancing, but also I will balance your whole energetic system too. I will use a variety of techniques including scanning, sweeping, grounding and flowing to name but a few. I will remove toxins, low vibrational energy and bring your energy back to free flow. Once this is done, I will then send you energy healing, but also show you how to do the healing yourself so you can stay pain free. This whole process will take up to 2 hours.

    If you don’t have physical pain and only feel a bit off balance, you should consider chakra balancing.

  • Energy Management Course


    6 powerful sessions to help you manage your energy. This things we will cover in these sessions are: detachment & shielding (protecting your energy), balancing the energetic blocks in your body & your chakras, cleansing your aura & flowing your energy, inner child healing, emotional healing ‘polarity healing (turning negatives into positives)’, shadow work, discovering the real & authentic you – including your life purpose, ending limiting beliefs & open yourself up to your full potential, goal setting, understanding Angel numbers, synchronicities, and De ja vu, shifting from 3D to 5D, relativity & polarities.

    Also, you will learn to understand the universe, how it works and how it can work for you (replace over-thinking/over-analysing with intuition), activating your psychic senses & working with your spiritual abilities (Clairvoyance, Clairsentience etc), & connecting to your Akashic records.

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  • Letting go of your past (x2 1 hour sessions)


    This is a package of 2 mentoring sessions where we will work on your personal healing and learning how to be happy in the present moment without the hurt of the past affecting you.

    1st session:  Learn to understand your past and work on letting go of it and learn the lessons from it.

    2nd session: Learn how to stay in the now, to manage your energy and how to shield from other people’s energy without being affected by it. Learn how to live a happier life and live a better lifestyle.

  • Metaphysical Course


    This course uses metaphysics to bring higher dimensional healing to your life by ending the things in your old timeline and then creating a new one. We will reprogram your beliefs, bring balance to your life and emotions, re-align with your soul & heal from your past. We will also connect with Archangels to download light language codes and healing vibrations. Together, we will work on the following aspects of your reality: emotional, physical, mind, energetic, being, knowing, identity, soul & spirit.

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