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  • Energy Management Course


    6 powerful sessions to help you manage your energy. This things we will cover in these sessions are: detachment & shielding (protecting your energy), balancing the energetic blocks in your body & your chakras, cleansing your aura & flowing your energy, inner child healing, emotional healing ‘polarity healing (turning negatives into positives)’, shadow work, discovering the real & authentic you – including your life purpose, ending limiting beliefs & open yourself up to your full potential, goal setting, understanding Angel numbers, synchronicities, and De ja vu, shifting from 3D to 5D, relativity & polarities.

    Also, you will learn to understand the universe, how it works and how it can work for you (replace over-thinking/over-analysing with intuition), activating your psychic senses & working with your spiritual abilities (Clairvoyance, Clairsentience etc), & connecting to your Akashic records.

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  • Heal, discover yourself & shine course


    There are 3 (1 on 1) video mentoring sessions in this course, to help you to heal and overcome your trauma’s and the things that hold you back. We will then take a look at your life purpose and what you are here to achieve, and what your soul mission is so you can understand your bigger picture.

    We will connect to your higherself, and use your abilities to be able to tap into your personal akashic records to retrieve your soul mission. This will tell you, who you really are at the deepest level of authenticity, and where you are from in this universe and why you are here. You will learn how to take control of your life and tap into your innate abilities.

  • Mental & physical energy management

    Mental & physical energy management – in this session, we will focus on what’s going on in your mind, and assess your mental state and work on bring balance back into your mind. I will teach you balancing and grounding meditations, so that you can meditate by yourself, to prevent you from over-things, and to help you to sleep well, and think better. Schedule time for rest and recovery. Discipline.

  • Metaphysical Course


    This course uses metaphysics to bring higher dimensional healing to your life by ending the things in your old timeline and then creating a new one. We will reprogram your beliefs, bring balance to your life and emotions, re-align with your soul & heal from your past. We will also connect with Archangels to download light language codes and healing vibrations. Together, we will work on the following aspects of your reality: emotional, physical, mind, energetic, being, knowing, identity, soul & spirit.

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  • Psychic Development Course


    4 mentoring sessions (1 on 1) in the Psychic Development Course will help you to connect with your abilities and increase your intuition. This course will help people to do readings, understand people better, and understand their spiritual abilities.

    What the course consists of…
    Session 1: Activate your psychic senses (up to 2 hours).
    Session 2: Enhance your intuition (up to 2 hours).
    Session 3: Work with timelines (approx. 1 hour).
    Session 4: Connect to the Akashic Records (up to 2 hours).