Orion Star Seeds
Orion Star Seeds

Orion Star Seeds

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  • insightful
  • 6 analytical/very logical
    committed to justice
  • 4 wisdom/knowledge/insatiable thirst for knowledge
  • 3 ancient wisdom/seeking wisdom
  • 6 scientific/scientific knowledge/obsessed with science and research/research and science.
    seen as “warriors for the light”.
  • 6 to learn from humans how to bring balance to their emotional side/Mission: To learn trust and faith from humans/mission here on Earth as an Orion starseed is to learn to be more trusting, to open your heart center, and to tune deeper into your emotions/your mission to trust it is safe to open up and express that side of yourself in this lifetime!/lack an understanding of their hearts
  • 2 Orions can serve as Reptilian agents to gain control of humans and the Earth.
    jack of all trades
    Orion Starseeds came to this Earth during the 60s-90s
    energetic imprint of this astral realm within their souls
  • deep yearning for balance within themselves and in the world around them.
  • To achieve lessons of soul growth, often navigating the complexities of karmic relationships.
  • 5. Orion Starseeds: The Truth Seekers
    Strategic leaders