Lyran Star Seeds
Lyran Star Seeds

Lyran Star Seeds

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  • 2 said to be the oldest souls in the galaxy/Lyra is known as the birthplace of humanoid civilization in our galaxy.
    excellent communicators
    Sometimes depicted as being the ancestors of humans
  • 2 Lyrans have a stronger than usual connection to Egypt: one of their closest links to home)
    Lyran starseeds have a special connection to the Divine Masculine.
  • 3 Features: Cat-like/connection to cats/feline species
    Mission: To lead and teach about the physical energy of human form
    Strength is a dominant trait of Lyrans
    fiercely independent and physical
    thrive when nurturing the body with exercise and athleticism
    Lyran Starseeds originate from Vega
    Lyran’s are into metaphysics
    have a natural authoritative energy
    drawn to all things magic
    feel as though you are “stuck” here on earth and can’t go home. This is due to the downfall of the Lyran planets
    Lyran Starseeds carry the energetic essence of this ancient stellar realm within their souls.
    bravery, resilience, and a pioneering spirit that drives them to explore new frontiers and challenge the status quo.
    individuality, independence, and a desire for personal freedom.
    They have a deep connection to nature
    a strong desire to heal and bring unity.
    ancient wisdom