During this light channeling session, you may experience flashes of light, visions, pulsation or vibrating energies, light language or images or pschic awareness including light codes that may remind you a little of Egyptian hieroglyphs. If/when you feel energy sensations in your body such as vibrations, tingling, warmth/coolness, muscle twitching, don’t be alarmed, because it’s perfectly normal. you may even feel the need to cough or sneeze, and that’s because the energy running through your body may make your body feel a sensitive. You may have strange feelings, memories or unexpected thoughts come to you, but those things are also extremely normal. This energy work will affect you on the mental and emotional levels, in your mind, body and soul. It’s also worth knowing that you may not experience any symptoms at all, and that does sometimes happen too, which can happen to some people. But don’t worry, because it will work even if it is on a subtle level where you don’t notice it. Be assured that the transmission will work, even if your higher self doesn’t tell you about it, it will in this case unfold in in Divine timing. But this doesn’t happen all of the time, only sometimes. most of the time, people tell me that they experience things.

1) I will first of all we will work on the energy within your body and release any negativity you have inside of you (5 mins).
2) Then I will connect to source and download white light energy to cleanse your internal body, and get you flowing your energy well (5 mins).
3) Then I will connect to your merkba and unblock and balance all of your chakra’s and perform a general healing on each chakra (using a pendulum facing downwards to the geonode quarts crystal) to open an exit point energy vacuum to remove any negative or dense energy in each chakra and then open an entry point to each chakra and send light healing into them (35 mins).
4) I will then open a conduit and call upon Archangels Raphael and Jophiel to create energy transmissions to give you healing energy into your merkaba grid. The energy will create an energy shift and go where it needs to go by itself, but if I feel or see any need to direct the energy anywhere in particular, I will also do that too (10 mins).
5) I will then thank the angels for the healing and close the conduit and close the energy in each chakra (using a pendulum sideways to seal the chakra and bring it back to balance) (5 mins).
6) I will then create an energy seal around your merkba which will be like an orb around you, and ask for Archangel Michael for protection as we close the session (1 min).

Total time = 1 hour.