Lemurian and Atlantean Star Seeds
Lemurian and Atlantean Star Seeds

Lemurian and Atlantean Star Seeds

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  • Ancient souls
  • they made Earth their home sooner than any other type
  • healers and teachers
  • keepers of ancient wisdom.
  • defunct civilisation of Lemuria was on Earth (dark reptilians), its people were advanced enough to communicate with and travel to other planets.
  • Origin Realm: Several earthly lands now consumed by Earth’s oceans.
  • Mission: To teach humans advanced societal knowledge without destroying the planet
  • Similar to Maldek but located on Planet Earth
  • these societies developed advanced philosophical, spiritual, and medicinal technologies.
  • Their technologies were so advanced that they could travel to other planets, but they abused their success and it destroyed them through wars and disease.
  • Lemuria, a large continent that sank under the Indian Ocean eons ago. There aren’t many Lemurians left on Earth due to the sudden downfall of Lemuria due to dark reptilians destroying the continent due to greed, disease, and famine.
  • Lemurian Starseeds often feel a strong pull to mountains and the water, especially Mount Shasta in California.
    traveling to spiritual places
    highly intuitive
    able to read energy easily
    a natural healer
    able to influence the thoughts and emotions of others
    pursue leading a heart-based project you are drawn to
    crystal reader
    Lemurians and Atlanteans were the first two Starseed tribes to create a direct line of exchange with races from other planets.
  • 2 energy healing
    color therapy
    Feel a connection to the sea and water
    Experience frequent déjà vu
    Extremely empathetic