Inner child workshop (admin only)

Session OneBalancing thoughts and emotions, and basic meditation.
Session TwoGenerational trauma. Understanding the lessons of your past. Hurt people, hurt other people etc.
Session ThreeCreating plans to achieve your desires.
Session FourTime management, boundaries, expanding your plans and learning new things to stay inspired.
Session FiveFlowing your energy, loneliness.
Session SixHigherself channeling to discover who you are now.

Doing inner child work enables you to be able to dive into your past in a safe and controlled way, to be able to work on your trauma & generational healing. We will also cover techniques on how to flow your energy, and stay balanced, be heart centred, let go of over-thinking, and work on your emotions and learn from them.

If you are an empath, you will learn techniques to stop absorbing other people’s energy (shielding & energy flowing). This is a 6 week, weekly workshop that consists of x6, 1 on 1 mentoring sessions with me done on Facebook messenger video calls.