Our emotions are affected by many factors, and in many ways. We must remember that nothing is personal, unless we make it personal. However, sometimes our emotions are affected by us taking things personally. Other times they are affected by us having unrealistic expectations of others and are dissappointed when those expectations aren’t met. And sometimes, we may be experiencing emotions because we fear things. We could be afraid of someone leaving us for example. Afraid of ghosts, afraid of falling, afraid of dying, afraid of being cheated on. Whatever causes the emotion within us, it really doesn’t have to stay there. I teach my clients to work on their emotions by understanding them, learning from them, and then transmuting them.

Learn from your emotions

Ask yourself…

  • Why am I emotional? (don’t judge anyone when answering)
  • What causes this emotion?
  • What can I learn from this emotion?
  • Why do I need to heal from this emotion?

Releasing your emotions

A lot of people believe in releasing emotions, but actually that’s just a coping mechanism. By releasing the emotion, you’re not healing, you’re not changing anything, and you’re certainly not fixing anything. Releasing emotions has its place, but learning from them before you release them will bring you so much more clarity. If you want to work on your emotions with, please get some mentoring sessions.

If we don’t understand our emotions, we often end up slipping into denial. We end up with trapped enotion and we don’t always know it’s there because it’s slipped into our sub-conscious, and we often settle for feeling bad. We can sometimes blame it on others too, such as blaming others for the way that we feel, and even blaming them when we do feel emotional. But we must be accountable for our own decisions and our own reactions. if we feel emotional, it is because we have made decisons either consciously, sub-consciously or un-consciously to all negative energy to exist within us.

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