What is a spirit?

We are all multidimensional beings, which means that we are not only existing in a human physical reality. In addition to our physical reality, we are also soul, spirit, higherself, energy and so on. As a spirit, we continue to exist even after a human physical body dies, and that is why spirits exist – nothing ever truly dies, it just transforms from one state to another. Most spirits are quite pleasant and harmless, but sometimes they are malevolent. Many mean no harm to us at all, but they are hurt and vibrating low. This could be for a variety of reasons including… they were depressed, sad or upset when they died. They may then not pass over into the light, because they don’t vibrate high enough to pass over, this is what is called ‘ascension’. If they don’t cross over or ascend, then they stay here as spirits and this is what I call ‘earth-bound spirits’. Some of the signs of having a spirit in your home are items being moved or lost, feeling exceptionally tired and drained, see shadows or apparitions, sparks and orbs. There are many reasons why you could have spirits in your home including them being attracted to your property or an object in your home, or even just being attracted to you. They can sometimes mean no harm, and other times they are more menacing, and many drain your energy which is why many people who have spirits in their home are always tired.

Spirit Attachments

They need energy, and they can often attach to humans who are vibrating low, those that are hurt and depressed, or unhappy etc. So when they attach, they draw energy from us, and this is why we feel tired when we have a spirit attachment. To remove a spirit attachment, the process is a little different to removing a spirit from your home – you need to raise your vibration, and cleanse your energy. I’d recommend you to book a spirit attachment removal session with me for that.

Removing the spirit

You can remove a spirit from your home by following some simple steps, including smudging your home with a dried sage stick, or palo santo. Dried sage is very affective, but it smells stronger in your home. Alternatively, you can use a white sage and palo santo (or similar) smudge spray, which smells more perfumerly, but just just as good a job. Follow the steps below, and you should be able to remove the spirits from your home.

Step 1a) Use a dried sage stick or palo santo to repel negative energy, fear, and spirits. Burn it and smudge it in each room.
Step 1b) If you don’t want your room to smell, you could use a smudge spray like ‘White Sage & Palo Santo’ it smells nice and sweet like an air freshener.
Step 2) Throw a little salt into each corner of each room, to cleanse the atmosphere. You don’t need a lot, and ordinary table salt is fine. Also lay a thin line or salt at the foot of your front door and back door to your home, and on the window sill of each window in your home. This will protect the rooms from spirits coming back in again after removing them.
Step 3) Bless the water (positive energy charge it). Pour some bottled or filtered water into a glass or bown, and plasce your finger into it and say something high vibrational such as ‘I place unconditional love and compassion into this water to charge it with high vibrational energy’. Then, with your fingers, sprinkle it into the air all over the room and say something positive like ‘I sprinkle this water into this room, to bring unconditional love and compassion to it’. Repeat this in all rooms.

And finally…

Give the room 30 minutes or an hour, or until it feels right to you, and then clean up the salt and close the windows and doors when the smell from the sage or palo santo has gone. The important thing then is to raise your own vibration and keep it high so that the spirits don’t attract to your energy.

If you struggle with this, or you need some extra help, then you can purchase the above mentoring session, i will will guide you on video 1 on 1 how to remove spirits in your home, and i will do it with you.

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