Inner Magic

I help people to let go of their past and discover themselves and why they are here. I also help them with their spiritual awakening, healing, energy healing, freedom, removing blocks, spirit guide & angel connections.

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Inner Magic Workshop

This workshop is 1 on 1, and covers the five inner magic components: 1) Transmutation, 2) Flow’ 3) Connectedness, 4) Inner Divinity 5) Transcendence.

Component One ‘Transmutation’

  • Session One: Generational healing, & understanding the past and what lessons it holds.
  • Session Two: Examining your blocks, & letting go of things that no longer serve us.
  • Session Three: Shadow Work.
  • Session Four: Polarities.


Component Two ‘Flow’

  • Session One: Bringing balance to our lives, raising your vibration.
  • Session Two: Understanding inner and outer abundance are connected, being heart centred, unconditional love & compassion.
  • Session Three: Energy Management.


Component Three ‘Connectedness’

  • Session One: Inter-dimensionalism & inner dimensions.
  • Session Two: Connectedness.
  • Session Three: Creating a soul tribe & creating a new version of yourself.


Component Four ‘Inner Divinity’

  • Session One: Inner Divinity.
  • Session Two: Understanding the universe & it’s laws.
  • Session Three: Light language (speaking the language of the universe).


Component Five ‘Transcendance’

  • Session One: Opening up to expansion & making intuitive plans.
  • Session Two: Recognising growth, being purposed based, assessing & reviewing.
  • Session Three: Understanding your gifts and abilities & higherself.
  • Session Four: Knowing your purpose.