Draconian Star Seeds
Draconian Star Seeds

Draconian Star Seeds

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  • A Reptilian starseed from the constellation Draco, the reptilians are a group of reptilian species including the originial Draconians
  • manipulative leaders, but others are diligent workers who guide awakened humans to accomplish just causes.
  • Origin Realm: Draco, or dragon, constellation
  • Features: Lizard-like appearance with lower body temperatures attracted to heat
  • Mission: To unite people to a common goal whether positive or negative
  • math
  • science
  • technology
  • manipulative leaders who feel threatened by any authority that seems more powerful than themselves.
  • Draconian starseeds in spiritual alignment work to unite humans by waking up their consciousness to the needs of humanity.
  • They are steadfast in accomplishing their goals and missions.
  • strength
  • leadership
  • ancient wisdom
  • a powerful and commanding presence
  • Inner Earth Connection
  • Ancient Earth-Based Wisdom
  • Mystical