One of the most detrimental things we could ever do to ourself and our soul is become co-dependant. Co-dependancy causes us to depend on someone, rather than set ourselves free and be comfortable and whole with ourselves. I am not saying that you shouldn’t love other people, I’m just saying, don’t depend on them. If you end up in a relationship where you depend on others, then it’s already too late – you’re co-dependant. But all is not too late – it’s never too late to change things!

How to overcome someone emotionally

To properly overcome someone in an emotional way, you should understand, and I mean completely understand that this isn’t you. You were not born to serve someone else, you were not born to live your life to please someone else, or to be under someone elses rule. And, you were certainly not born so that other people could live your life for you. Life is about living, thriving, and experience and joy is the key to this.

The way to overcome someone emotionally is to understand the damage that it’s causing you and how heathy things are for you, and then say no to those things. But for some people, this is easier said than done because they might have a lack of self worth and just not believe in themselves enough to do that.

Healing is almost certainly the way forward here, and knowing when you should shield from others and walk away from them is also extremely important too. You have to understand and fully accept that you want to live your own life, and not be tied to someone else. That is not love!

Love is when someone wants the best for you, no matter what. If ther person you are in a relationship with doesn’t want the best for you, and doesn’t support you and judges you and doesn’t accept you for who you are, then you must walk away and be courageous in doing so. But this doesn’t mean walk away for a while then go back, walking away is just that – WALKING AWAY!

Recognise the tie that this person has over you, and ask yourself honestly if they are manipulating you. If this is the case, then you should get out of there and heal in a healthy environment. However, if you just don’t believe in yourself enough to be independant, then you are quite simply, giving your power away to someone else. You should therefore take back your control.

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