Cicada Night Market

General Information

Cicada Market is a night market in Hua Hin where you can drop by to try many different types of local cuisine, after a day trip to the beach. Let’s explore what you can have at this night market. Locals and tourists alike, flock here for food and clothes around the year. As the market is near the beach, it’s also a great place to grab something to eat to re-energise ourselves after getting tired from building sandcastles.

The market is split into four zones for guests to experience various types of things here:

  • A la mode & Idea Shop – clothing stores, hand-made gifts, and decorations
  • Amphitheatre – an open theatre where talented people head there to perform
  • Art Factory – a place that’s full of artwork with paintings which can be bought
  • Cuisine – Thai cuisine and hawkers serving wacky food options

Of course, for those who love market-hopping in Thailand, you’ll be expecting more than just food and accessories, and thankfully Cicada Market does deliver a few other surprises on that front.

Once you get inside, you’ll spot a large number of white tents lined up in a row, selling copious amounts of stuff, ranging from food to handicrafts. Chances are, you’ll def find something unexpected if you spend time to comb through the shops. Also, the market provides a large seating area with lots of tables and chairs for guests have their meals, decorated with plenty of lanterns hanging on the trees to improve the atmosphere at night.

At this stage, you can expect to see magicians doing tricks that will blow you away or musicians playing easy-listening songs. Feel free to grab any of the food you’ve purchased, and bring it here to feast on, while watching the live shows.