Avian Star Seeds
Avian Star Seeds

Avian Star Seeds

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  • 2 Avian starseeds come from a purely spiritual realm/Avian starseeds come from an energetic realm where physical realities don’t exist.
    to teach humans about metaphysics and spiritual truths
    showing how a more spiritual life can lead to an advanced civilisation
    often have bird-like qualities.
    Origin Realm: Dimensional realm of energetic fluidity and physical detachment
    Mission: To guide humans through a more spiritual life on Earth
    they come to teach metaphysics and spiritual truths
    They want humans to understand that spiritual strength will free humans from the bounds of technology and physicality
    have unlimited faith in the spiritual potential of all humans and things
    This lovely group is humanoid, but with birdlike features
    Avians live in the higher dimensions between the sixth and the ninth
    The Avians are in partnership with the Pleiadians, with whom they work to help human beings feel more fulfilled on Earth.
    They seek to help us understand the potentialities around spiritual freedom and our multi-dimensional abilities
    connection to higher realms
    a natural communicator
    often working in fields such as writing, public speaking, or counseling.