A gridworker is a type of healer that is also a spacial empath, an empath with clairsentient abilities. They can bring healing to places and buildings and transmute the dense energies with their loving, compassionate presence. The more people that work on the grid, the more more affective the healing will be.

Grid workers are able to work on whatever obstructs or damages the energies in the Earth grid, such as spirits, old war energy, destructive events and so on. This includes healing powerful places that have been shut down, such as: churches, hill forts, stone circles, standing stones etc. To do grid work, it must start with clearing work that requires great visualisation, strong abilities to feel things and a strong ability to meditate well.

The 3D and 5D grids are shifting in repsonse to the new vibrations of the energy field the Earth is moving into. Shifts are happening on all levels of human activity. This is the transition from the old 3D Earth to the ascension of the new 5D Earth. The new Earth isn’t an actual place, it’s renewal from old into new, a new phase, and a new consciousness.

People do similar things on their own, but it’s much more affective as a team – the energy amplifies so much more. As a team, we will tap into major portals around the world, and use the energy to heal people, and to heal the Earth. But it’s not all about taking from the portals, I am a gatekeeper, so I will also open up new portals so that light can return to source as well.

I am setting up gridworking teams, and it’s completely free if you’re ready and do not need too much training. If you struggle with meditation, or don’t know your spirit guides, angels or gifts and abilities, or don’t know how to connect to spirit or with energy, then you will need to do the 1 on 1 gridworking workshop first. If you’re an advanced meditator, skilled at what you do, then I can get you into a team. However, if you need to do the workshop, upon completion, I’ll get you into a team.

How we will do grid working

Locating negative targets

We will locate negative buildings, homes, land, villages and other areas which we call ‘targets’, and as a team, we will work on the target to promote healing and to realign the location with source.

Processing Spirits

Once we have a target, we will then we will remove all negative entities there to bring healing and to help lost or trapped spirits to cross over into the spirit realm.

Clearing Energy

Once the target (location) and spirits have been processed, we will then clear all negative energy and flow positive white light energy into it to raise it’s vibration.

And then the Gatekeeping commences

Connecting with Source

Firstly, as a Gatekeeper, I will connect to Source and through Metatron and other Angels and beings to open new gateways of higher energy, and download energy into the Earth.

Downloading into Earth Chakra’s

The Earth will receive the energy that I download through it’s Chakra’s and energy centre’s, and then flow it into the Earth through leylines and energy routes.

Flowing energy to Targets

Once the energy is flowing through the Earth, I will direct the flow of energy into the Targets so that they are downloading higher dimensional energy. I will then ground that energy into the target and then send it back to source so that it’s a constant flow from source, and back to source.

Are you ready to be a Gridworker?

  • Are an experienced meditator?
  • Do you sense spirits easily?
  • Do you know how to work with energy and cleanse it?
  • Do you know your spirit guides?
  • Do you know who your angels are?

If the answers are yes to all of the above, then you’re ready to do gridworking in a team. But if the answer is no to any of those questions, then you will need to do the gridworking workshop first.

If you are ready, then please let me know on messenger here and we can discuss things further.

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