About Me-old

Some of the things I can help you with…

Self Discovery

Learn how to discover who you really are.

Shadow Work

Take a deep dive into your shadows and do shadow work.

Energy Management

Learn to manage your energy better.

Psychic ability & intuition

Balance your emotions

Learn to work on your emotions and over-thinking.

Spirit Guides & Angels

Discover your spirit guide and angel team.

Higherself/Akashic Records

Learn to connect to your higherself and akashic records.

Angelic Healing

I will connect to Angels to do distance healing with you or your loved one.

Trauma Healing

Learn to heal from your past.

Mental blocks

Basic Meditation

Learn how to do basic meditation.

Advanced Meditation

Learn how to do advanced meditation.

Soul Realignment

Learn to realign with your soul and be heart centred.

Spirit Removal

Learn to remove spirits and protect yourself.