Diamond Light Codes
The Diamond Light Codes are ‘symbols’ representing Geometric structures of light. They awaken dormant aspects within your DNA, helping to align you with the frequencies of energy streaming on to our planet. They hold and transmit vibrational frequencies that help to bring change to your world…..as within, so without….. the “Diamond Light Grid is the vehicle for the Diamond Light Codes”, and the interaction between the Diamond Light Grid. The codes support the development of the Grid, and the grid enables deeper access to the codes themselves.

When lightworkers connect to the Diamond Light Code frequencies it facilitates a movement towards being an expression on Earth of your true authentic soul self.

You will receive a healing from the Angels clearing your aura and bringing in the diamond light into your energy field. Archangel Metatron works to clear you with his platinum net which removes any lower energy not serving you to hold onto.

Earth Grid 3D = The old grid of the Earth that exists within us all.

5D Crystalline Grid = The crystalline grid is the light body of the awakened earth. In other words it is the higher vibrational, multidimensional ascension grid of Gaia, Sophia, Mother Earth. The crystalline grid works by anchoring light, Divine Consciousness, and Cosmic intelligence within the multidimensional Earth Plane.

5D Diamond Light Grid Matrix = The Diamond Light Grid is the vehicle for the Light Codes within your own body, it is the body’s own grid.

5D The Light Grid = The light grid has been installed around the Earth, and its purpose of this grid is to distribute Light to the planet and the beings on the planet for ascension. Without a proper grid, Earth would become unbalanced and unstable.

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