(create a daily routine that includes balancing and meditation)
Stopping over-thinking/Mind Awareness.
working on your triggers

Find out each situation with each client, and help them to let go of things one by one.

Ask them what they hold on to, and what they can’t shake off and why, and help them to find practical solutions to releasing those things and letting them go.

1) Breathing to release.
2) Catching
3) Choosing your reaction.

Release your expectations of others and forgive.
Let go of your unforgiveness and anger you have towards others, because if you get angry with other people, 1) you’re hurting yourself and 2) you’re not being compassionate towards others. You’re here as a lightworker and so you’re here to show others how to behave by showing them the way, lighting their path, so they can follow. You just need to shine from within. Don’t let other people to get to you, because if they do, they’ve stolen your energy, but all you got to do is find ways to rise above it, show people compassion, and don’t waste your energy on others. If you work on your energy to be able to flow your emotions, and shield people, then you won’t be affected as much.

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