Soul Realignment…
Re-aligning your energy with your soul and making daily adjustments to your priorities to be able to connect with your soul on a daily basis, to prevent the mind from making all the decisions. Bringing the mind, body and soul into unison and togetherness so that you feel whole and complete and one.

Higherself Channeling…
Connect to your mind, body and soul (soul re-alignment essential first). When you can listen to your soul and it’s energy and its vibration, then it’s time to listen to the energy of your body, and then finally, the mind. We will ask your higherself questions on your path and I will show you how to get the answers.

(Ask a question, don’t think the answer, and don’t look for the answer, just pay attention to the things you experience around you and within you over the next couple of days and there is your answer. If the answer doesn’t come, then it’s not right for you at this time. If you are show something else instead of what you asked, then that is more of a priority for you at this time and it could indicate that the other thing might not be right for you, or at least not right for you at this time. This is always because of other lessons to be learnt are more important. Understand higher dimensions of reality to be able to understand why you can’t understand why this is so.

Soul identity/Life purpose…
Spiritual awakenings are all about a journey of the self, and unveiling what is not yet clear. However, you can tap into timelines and akashic records easily by feeling the way from the soul, navigating through the body and into the mind, bringing out the truthful reality of your authenticity. You can do this easily by looking at new way of thinking and doing things, and it’s quite simple to do if you change your mindset. Change your mindset, and then unveil by asking the higherself a question, feel the way through the mind, body and soul and if it is still not yet clear… ask the universe to show you and then come out of the meditation and wait to be shown. But this cannot work if you go back to your old ways of thinking and your old mindset, don’t look for answers, just be open to receive, so observe, and trust what is shown to you.

Dimensions of reality…
3rd Dimension = Hurt, ego, duality, polarisation & labels, resistance, fear, confusion, materialism, hard working, the past, conditioning, cause and effect, lack mindset, expectations, conditional love, victim mentality, activated senses.

1 = Minerals (root chakra).
2 = Plants and some low consiousness animals and creatures (sacral chakra).
3 = Physical realm (solar plexus). The consciousness of most humans. The is also the realm for expansion and linear thinking.
4 = Spiritual Awakenings (Heart Chakra) – awareness of other realities including past lives ‘Astral or Etheric Plane’). This is the healing realm where you let go of the past and get creative with new realities and possibilities.
5 = Oneness (Throat Chakra) – This is where you realise we are all connected and are all one, and you have already lost the fear based reality.
6 = You are a creator (Third Eye Chakra) – You realise that you are a multi-dimensional being where astral travel is effortless and you can do almost anything with less boundaries.
7 = Many Creators (Crown Chakra) – You are aware of your light body which is full of light and love with no density, and aware that other lightbodies/souls are also creators.
8 = Multiverse – Star Gate, you are merging consciousness with higher dimensional beings.
9 = Angelic Realm – This is also the angelic realm where angels exist, as does our understanding of heaven and it’s where oneness becomes a reality. You become one with all the souls in the universe. Absolute bliss and harmony. Christ Conscousness/Buddha Consciousness/Ascended Masters keeping things alive for the lower densities so they assist spiritual teachers and mentors.
10 = Godhead – This is where the highest aspect of God is realised, where you can create universes as a collective consciousness.
11 = Creation/Expansion/infinite possibilities.
12 = Source.

THE 1st Dimension is the first level of consciousness (root chakra). Everything here is one point. Think, for example, of what the consciousness of a rock might be like.
It can also be seen the first realization of Source/Atman/God that it “exists” (also known as the “I Am” realization). To realize that required that Source become manifest in a form, which is often referred as the Universal Soul. 1st Dimensional consciousness is pure separation, but is not aware of separation — it simply exists, separate, but without an individual identity. There is also no time: past, present and future are all present in the one moment point.

THE 2nd Dimension introduces a second point (sacral chakra), which allows the first awareness of separation, duality, and polarity. But there are only two dimensions (two points), so you have: now and not now.

THE 3rd Dimension (solar plexus) introduces a third point, which allows for the expansion (measurement) of space and time (time-space), and subsequently cause and effect (or karma). Becoming aware of the oneness and non-duality of all is a major lesson to learn in the 3rd Dimension, and is one of the main gateways to higher dimensions. Past, present and future are seen as separate, creating the experience of “linear time”. This allows for comparisons and judgments, which leads to desires, goals, hopes, worries, fears, and all emotions (from joy and happiness to anxiety and suffering). We use many other forms of communication, including telepathy, but we are not aware of doing that. Earth humans have the potential, however, to experience all dimensions and communicate telepathically through their higher mind or consciousness. They are limited to their 3rd Dimensional experiences by the rigid beliefs and narrow self identities that are taken-for-granted as ‘normal’ on Earth. Changing limiting belief systems to open up our psychic abilities is another major gateway in ascending to the 4th/5th Dimension.

4th Dimension (Astral or Etheric Plane) = Healing, awareness, authentic self, expanding consiousness, letting go, seeking change, seeking answers, acceptance, surrender, clarity, desire for nature, working smarter with inspiration *getting creative), compassion Driven, desire for peace/harmony, living in the now, sychronicities, flexible reality, fulfillment/contentment, high expectations. It is a place that offers great flexibility to create new realities and experiences, but still has a sense of physicality, time, and a strong individualized ego. In the dreams we remember, for example, space, time, and objects exist, but are less fixed and can, to some extent, be created or manipulated at will. Whole universes can and are created by simply thinking them into existence. Multiple versions of Earth, and past, parallel and future version of our selves, can be seen and visited in this dimension. Extra-terrestrial races (ETs, also known as “galactics”, and including guides and teachers) exist, communicate, and travel using 4th Dimensional properties, skills and technologies. For Earth humans, the Astral body is our 4th Dimension self. It is also referred to as the Energy body, the Light body, the Emotional body, the Etheric body, and the Merkaba (body), and this is why orbs pass through our energy, because our energy is 4th dimensional, and if you see them then you are seeing them move into lower or higher dimensions which happens to be in your current dimension off time and space too.

5th Dimension (causal plane/higherself) = Unity/Oneness/Heart Centred, alignment, understanding connectedness, high vibrations, sense of freedom, universal knowledge/akashic records, flow State/flowing, abundance mindset, understanding higher guidance and support, co-creator awareness, unconditional love, helping others to heal. beings in the 5th Dimension are completely focused on spiritual advancement for themselves and the universe. The 5th Dimension is the realm of the higher self. The causal body is the highest level of a human’s individual personality. It is the individual soul’s manifestation into reality, and can be thought of as what “causes” our individual human personality and experience to come into existence. It is the deepest and most powerful part of our intentions, desires, and personal knowledge. Also at the highest levels of the 5th dimension, personal timelines (past, present, future) and our different reincarnations are all experienced simultaneously. Because of that, they can interact with each other to further their collective and individual experiences. This also makes time travel easy to do. This realm is much easier to manifest from because of the lack of time, fear and restrictions. You manfifest your higest desires by first realising them in the 5th dimension so that they are a reality, then the get creative in the 4th dimension to create the energy for them to manifest into your human life. From a chakra perspective, the 5th Dimension is associated with the Throat (or 5th) Chakra. This chakra is about communication, speaking our inner, divine truth. These are skills that will need to be mastered to communicate with other higher dimensional beings who use telepathy instead of words and spoken language. The 5th Chakra is also about the ability to consciously create our own reality, which is different from the creation aspects of the more forceful creation emanating from the 3rd Chakra.

6th Dimension (spirit guides) = Beyond time and imagination, the realm of awareness of parallel universes/worlds, teleportation. You are Godhead in your own created universe within you, but you are also aware of other universes and parallel universes. They have also have free will. This is the nurturing realm where spirit guides guide us because they love us and want to help us to develop. You are a creator – This where you are a creator/god. You realise that you are a multi-dimensional being where astral travel is effortless and you can do almost anything with less boundaries. You are God because you are a creator.

7th Dimension (lower angelic realm) = the 6th dimension you are merging consciousness others creator/gods and other universes, but in the 7th dimension you are not only aware of the Multiverse, but you are in the consiousness of all of it. The angelic realm also begins here and this is the realm of where Guardian Angels exist. They are primarily focused on overseeing humanity on Earth and on other planets in other universes. They can be everywhere at the same time, because time does not exist for them, and their consciousness is higher than the 6th dimensional awareness of the multiverse. In this realm, free will does not exist. For star seeds and universal beings who exist in this realm, they are completely focused on oneness with the divine, and are focused mostly on higher spiritual existance in complete and unified oneness with the divine with sense of the self, but no sense of the ego and in complete focus of serving the divine. When one is not serving the divine, one can lower their consciousness to the 6th dimension and have some free will again. But if they are in the 7th dimension, they have a greater connection to power because they can access other universes easily and at will. In the 6th dimension they can only perceive them and view them, but they can’t access them or enter them, that is 7th dimensional and above. Many Creators – This where you are aware of others also beinga creator/god. You are aware of your light body which is full of light and love with no density. You are aware that other lightbodies/souls are also creators, some religions teach this as being other gods.

8th Dimension = This is the 2nd dimension of the angelic realm where ascended masters exist. They are primarily focused on assisting humans with ascention and all beings in the realm are purpose driven, they have a mission or a purpose to serve. They have access to helpers in lower dimensions, and they are viewed angels who connect the higher dimensions to the lower ones, they deliver high vibrations of light which is sent from the 9th dimension. The 8th dimensional beings are focused mostly on ensuring things are achieved from the instructions of the higher realms.

9th Dimension (3rd sphere – higher angelic realm) = This realm is where angels and archangels exist. They are completely subservient to the divine as are 7th dimensional angelics and beings, but the 9th dimension is about creating blueprints for life. This is where the lower creational realm is, it’s primary focus is creating ways for extra energy and growth to be created in the lower realms. The archangels here oversee and come up with new ideas, and they make the big decisions of the lower realms. The angels in this realm have an overseer who is an archangel, and they follow their commands without question. Archangels are also subservient to the divine as are the angels that they oversee. If an angel wishes to have more free will, they may (according to divine will) be allowed to lower their consciousness to experience new things, such as coming to Earth. Archangels and not allowed this option though. Beings that are not angelics exist here, but they are completely subservient to the divine with no free will. Many of these are Arcturians, but also some other star seeds too. These star seeds have a soul identity (an authenticity) that identifies them as subservient to the divine, but also in connection to a particular star seed race (such as Arcturian). Principalities also exist in this realm, they are above Archangels. Archangels oversee Angels, and Principalities are the angels that guide groups of angels and humans and other entities in specific areas, particularlarly in those in groups. The lowest order (3rd sphere) of angels exists in this dimension, and this consists of: angels, archangels and principalities plus other high vibrational entities and beings.

10th Dimension (2nd sphere angelic realm): Dominions, Virtues, Powers. Powers are angels whose primary duty is to oversee lower angels to ensure that the cosmos remains in order, so they are also observers too. Virtues focus on vibration and negative energies in the world and the universe, and they are the ones that bring us signs and miracles. Dominions regulate the duties of lower angels just like Powers do, but they are the ones in authority over all.

11th Dimension (Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones – the 1st sphere and the highest realm of all before God) = This is the realm of the akashic records and is the realm for purity and the highest aspect of divinity before source. Seraphim stands for serpents, and they are the highest angelic class. Seraphiel, Michael, and Metatron are all known to be Seraphim angels. Seraphim are agents of purification and they make decisions on whether to family karmic debt can be erased or whether it should be transmuted. The Cherubim are the keepers of celestial records that hold the knowledge of divine wisdom and all knowing. Thrones ensure divine will is carried our and that the cosmic harmony of all universal laws is kept. Thrones carry out divine will by ensuring that other angels including Powers keep order according to divine will, so that everything stays in order.

12th Dimension = Source, all that is.

All dimensions exist at the same time and occupy the same exact space, just at different vibrations or frequencies of energy. In fact, our soul has a presence in all dimension at all times (see the section on Souls, below). Which dimension (or reality) we are consciously in at any moment is, in part, a matter of where we focus our attention. But it also depends on what faculties or ‘inner senses’ we are able to use to direct our focus. As humans, our physical bodies can normally only experience a very small fraction of the full range of frequencies that are present around us all the time. We typically call this range of physical frequencies the 3rd Dimension. We can, however, experience many more dimensions through our energy body. With proper intentions and practice, we can shift our awareness to any of the other dimensions. Doing so can allow us to see or understand objects in our 3rd Dimensional world very differently than we are used to. Most people experience alternate dimensions (or realities) by leaving their physical body behind and only using their astral (dream) body, but you can do it whilst in he body which is more difficult to do. Each dimension is an entire universe unto itself. They are ever expanding and vast in their content. However, they can all potentially be accessed instantaneously through the astral body

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