Soul re-alignment…

Breath work.
Self Inquiry.
Soul Realignment.
Purging (letting go of the old/ending karma), let go of thinking and any attachment to the mind and body.
5th dimension attunement (fill it up with unconditional love).
Change your priorities for a couple of days to create an energy signature and to ensure it’s something that you continue.
When you feel stressed, anxious, hurt, pressurised or you are over-thinking, realign with your soul and it will heal you very quickly and help you to stay balanced and grounded.
Observing, syncs, trust that all will be shown to your by your higherself if you stay aware and observe the sncs around you, and not think or ask too many questions.

Same as usual without the self enquiry.

* Unconditional Love.
* Forgiveness.
* Sending love and compassion.

* Self Inquiry – prepare to soul travel.
* Soul travel – leaving the body and connecting with the seat of the soul. On the way back up again, connect with people that have hurt us and forgive them and send unconditional love. Then release them and let them go. We no longer allow them to hurt us, instead we send love and compassion.
* Unconditional love – bring this vibration back to the mind and body, and flow it through our whole being.
* Meditation (morning and when needed) – close your eyes and feel the unconditional love and compassion from your soul and flow it through your whole being.
* Affirmations.
* Bed time meditation – close your eyes and flow the energy from your body and detach from your mind (let your thoughts go) and feel the heaviness and tiredness of your mind and body. Feel the heaviness of your eyes, and then go to sleep.

Soul realignment.
Breath work.
Showing compassion to others (the power of compassion).

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