Energy & Chakra Work
The body that you see, isn’t the only thing that exists, you also have an energetic body too which most people can’t see. I help people to heal their energy system including chakra work, energy cleansing/balancing and cleansing your aura.

* Start at the root chakra and work up to the crown (bring in source energy, and then ground with the earth.
* Release your energy and flow it through you (out).
* Activate your kundalini (feel the energy from the root chakra and the crown chakra moving up and down the spine, raise your vibration.
* Left and right hand energy attunement.
* Energy scanning (use your awareness to feel dense areas, warn areas or painful areas of your body and remove them).

* Step into your lightbody.
* Cleanse your aura.
* Protect and seal your energy.
* Send your light into the world for whoever needs it. You can picture someone in your mind that may need light and send it to them, or you can send it to a situation, or just send it into the world, and it will be used by angels and other beings for whatever they need to use it for.
* Come back to the body.

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