* Conditioning & Programming
From the moment we are born, we are programmed with fear and it keeps growing from there. We are taught programming at an early age, what to believe in, what to trust, what to be afraid of, what to like and dislike, who to judge and so on. Let go of all things that you thought were true, and keep an extremely open mind as to how things work. Don’t let other tell you how things work, otherwise you’re re-programming again. Instead, only believe what you experience and realise is true to you, but also bear in mind, it may not be true for others. We exist in a 12 dimension consciousness soul, and right down to the seat of the soul and up to the dive creator of source in the 12 dimension, we are all God and we are all soul. Tune into the depths of your soul to realise the inner divinity within you, and recreate truth from there. The signs will be all around you, on the tv, on the radio, in the words of a song, on a sign post, it’s all around you. But if you can’t see them, simply realign with your soul, set your intentions to see and then you will create the experiences to set for yourself.

* Duality Oneness/Realignment
Duality consciousness is what keeps us anchored here to the Earth, unable to ascend to the fifth dimension of our soul. Getting to the fifth dimension is freedom, but is not so easy to achieve when we’re programmed. But let’s take a look at what duality consciousness is. It’s the understanding and believe that we are different to each other, that God is a different thing to us, that you are different to me. Actually, God is within and that knowledge should transform from awareness into consciousness by not only believing it, but by being it. We are not so different either, and neither are you from other people. You may take a look at yourself in the mirror and what you see is a human being, but what you don’t see is the immortal soul that is within it and all around it, you in your true self. This soul is only aware of itself when it goes within, but if you go deeper and deeper into the soul, you start to realise that there is unconditional love there too. The kind of love that isn’t limited, restricted or conditional – that’s where God lives, right there within you in your soul, flowing that unconditional love through you in your consciousness. When you align to this, you can harness it and flow it into your life. You can even look at someone who seems to be so different to you, but when you stip off the layers of hurt, confusion, resistance, inauthenticity and so on, you will see a soul beneath. That soul has consciousness just like yours, and if you go down even further you will see where souls meet, and that is the collective consciousness (unity consciousness) and we are all the same, at one with source. So next time you look at someone as a horrible person, or a person that isn’t nice, take a moment to realise the soul within then and you will see more to them than they actually know about themselves.

* Difference/Separatism/Comparison
We are all the same at the soul level, with our purpose, gifts and abilties being the only difference. And so, this is why we shouldn’t compare ourselves to other people – just do what you do, but be good at being you. Be authentic and understand that we are only separate from each other in life and death because we don’t align to other truths. So therefore, your connection to souce, the divine is only a matter of you aligning to source. Keep things simple and if you don’t resonate with someone, be open and honest about it and then shield from them so that you don’t abserve their energy and get affected by it. Build bridges and connections where you can, and of course as long as the other person wants you to. If they don’t, it’s not meant to be. If it is, then it can be built. Just think in terms of a river between you and the rest of the planet. If you want to connect with others, you can build a bridge over the water between you and them. This of course is just metaphor, but it symbolises that we are not as separate as we may think. If a Christian and a Muslim, both devout in their beliefs and also completely inflexible with their beliefs were to meet. At first, they may speak friendly with each other, but it is unlikely (but not impossible) for them to become close friends because of their vast differences in their culture and beliefs. However, if they were to not dicuss religion or beliefs, and not discuss things that may trigger them or upset them, then they can find that they have a lot more in common than they thought. Such as them both believing in God, they both worship and pray. Sink a bit deeper into their soul and you will find that they are not so different after all. We are all the same at the soul level.

* Ego Association Unity Consciousness
The ego is the mind, and when we think too much, we suffer greatly from the ego. Even though you may not be aware of your ego, such as you might be toning down how good you are at something, so that you don’t show off or have your ego being powerful. But, it’s still there because if your mind is active, so is your ego because they come together. It’s important to not try to kill the ego, because without the ego we would not have personal power, strength, courage, confidence, awareness of our abilities and talents and so on. But on the other hand ego can also cause us to feel we are better at things than other people, or other people are not as great as us, or that my way is better than your way. So the ego needs to be balanced, because it’s necessary, but not when it’s overly assertive. The key is to calm the mind, bring it into balance, and understand when the mind speaks. Let it go, and listen to the soul. Build a bridge between the two things and transmute. The ego mind can tell you things like I’m stupid, or I’m not good enough, or I can’t do this or that. But it’s only in the mind, not in your soul. You soul really knows you, it’s the authentic you, but your mind has no idea who you are, it only thinks it does. Listen to your heart because that’s where your soul resides, and you can observe what is going on by taking notes of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. If the notes are negative then it is coming from the ego mind, but if they are positive, there is a bigger chance that they are likely coming from the soul.

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