1) Breathing, letting go of your thoughts.

2) Step into your light body and visualise a dharma wheel or a wheel of a boat or yacht and see it spinning around. This is the cord that is attaching you to your past lives. We are going to end that now, and seperate you from it. In your mind’s eye, use your right hand to slice the cord, completely cut it, and watch the wheel dissapear into the distance. You are no longer connected to it. Connect deeply with your soul, feel it’s energy within you and around you. Recall all of your soul fragments that are stuck in your past, and allow yourself to feel complete and whole again. You are no longer a soul that has energy in the past, you are now completely in the present, and this is where you feel complete and whole.

3) Visualise a green grid inside of your heart chakra. this grid is the Earth grid and is connected to the 3 dimensional Earth, which contains fear, doubt, questioning, judgment and other types of energy. In your minds eye, pull this grid out of your heart chakra, and release it back into the world around you.

4) Now, focus on the white light grid and know that it is connecting you to source. It doesn’t have any conditions, or questions, or hate, it only knows how to love you unconditionally. Breathe in this source energy, and flow it into the your whole body. Now take a deep breathe in through your nose, increasing this energy, and release it, get that energy inside of your flowing. Now take a deep breathe in through your nose again, and flow that energy out of you.

5) Now, focus on the Crystalline grid and know that it is connecting you to the Earth, but only the wonderful unconditional love energy that you are flowing into it, which comes from source. This grid is a gold and white colour, and it vibrates with high energy of unconditional love. See your white light energy flowing into this grid. You don’t have to do anything, just feel it as it enters your through the light grid, and it leaves you into the Crystalline grid. Just focus on flowing, and then you will flow your beautiful white light energy from source into this grid.

6) Spirit guide meditation.

7) Automatic Writing.
So now we’re going to do automatic writing. If you want to communicate with your guide, but you find it difficult to hear him/her or to feel the connection, a really useful way of connecting with them is to do automatic writing. So for this, you will need to do the breathing, and you will need to go deep into meditation, just keep your mind free, no need for visualising anything. Just keep yourself clear. Feel yourself sinking deeper into meditation, and as you sink deeper, you actually notice your who lightbody sink into your a deeper dimension. Feel your energy become lighter, and feel your who body lighten like a feather. And now, in you mind, call your guide and wait for him/her to connect with you. You should feel a tingling sensation, or a chilling sensation when your guide is with you. Let me know when your guide has arrived.

* So I am going to ask you some questions, and I want you to ask those questions to your guide and do not allow your mind to think at all. Write down exactly what your guide gives you and don’t question it, even if it sounds ridiculous to you. Don’t wait too long, and don’t give yourself time to think. The moment you ask the question, the answwer is ready for you, just feel the answer, don’t think it. Write it down immediately, and when you’ve finished writing, tell me. Your first question is…

1) Where are you from?
2) Do I have other spirit guides, or are you the only one?
3) Please tell me about my life purpose?
4) What do I need to be aware of as I move forward in my life purpose.
5) Is there anything else that I should know?

And now thank your guide for his/her communication, and when you’re ready – open your eyes.

Blocks (30 minutes), align your priorities (1 minute), Getting Creative (10 minutes).
Create new ideas, and widen your perspective and visualise how you want things. Be very honest and clear about what it is that you wish to manifest in your life. Write it down on paper, and work towards making it happen, manifest it. Find harmony and happiness within. Search for your truth and change your patterns of thoughts. Listen to yourself more because you know yourself better than others do. Take a balanced approach with moderation, and have more self control, and patience. Light up your truth, and be true to your values, and work on your claircognisance/knowing. Get creative with the things that you struggle with. Make a list of your difficulties, and then find solutions to either fix them or to prevent them from hurting you. If those things don’t work, find an alternative path. I want you to write this down on a note pad or piece of paper ‘I am asked not to think about this, and so I won’t. Instead I am going to smile, and feel amazing because I know my future is going to be amazing’. Every time you get a negative feeling, go get your note pad, and read that message to yourself and make it happen. Don’t get upset, just read the question and then answer it as intuitively as you can.

Tracking is about tracking your thoughts and observations and desires and making lists so that you can make an action plan to overcome your obstacles and move forward. Reprogram yourself and release what isn’t working for you anymore. So, take a look at what isn’t working for you and if it isn’t a quick realignment or a simple fix, accept that it isn’t right for you anymore, and instead of focusing on what isn’t right for you, focus on what is and get creative with those things.

Make 5 lists. Give yourself more than one possible solution on all lists by getting creative with them, using layers of thought, because if the first thing isn’t successful, at least you will have more options available to you.

List 1 is called… ‘My Fears’. Write down all of your fears in a list. Then take a look at them and figure out what triggers them or why they happen, and the find practical solutions to overcome them. Fear is just a deception, and when we go through a spiritual awakening, we need to remove all deception and fears from within us. Then track down your desire and inspirations and make a list of them. Do the same with your gifts, talents and abilities, not based on what the mind thinks or what society, religion or others say is right for you, but from your own inner knowing, what you feel in your heart.

List 2 is called… ‘My Difficulties’. Write down all of your difficulties in a list. Then take a look at them at why those things are so difficult and if you can find a simpler solution to things by looking at layers and polarity. If you want to understand about layers and polarity, there is a session for that, so just ask me about it. So, find practical solutions to overcome your difficulties, but if you can’t, then it’s telling you something, what is it telling you? Perhaps that thing is no longer right for you, and perhaps you may need to make different decisions or even walk away from it.

List 3 is called… ‘My gifts, talents and abilities’. Make a list of your qualities, your gifts, your talents and abilities and dont leave anything important out. Include things like your spiritual gifts, your communication gifts, your ability to bring people together, your abilities to help people open up to themselves or understand themselves, your healing abilities. Get adventurous with the list, and then ask yourself a question ‘how can I help myself and others with this?’

List 4 is called… ‘My Desires’. Write down all of your desires and the things that you want to achieve in a list. Don’t include things like a big house, a fast car, or a highly paid job, because those things are all 3rd dimensional consiousness things. Put 5th dimensional consiousness things in your list such as… how can I best serve the divine, how can I best serve others, how can I best be true to my authentic self etc.

List 5 is called… ‘My Lessons’. When you have solved something that you have been working on in your lists, they are then lessons that you have learnt where you can also help others overcome things in a similar way. this will be an ongoing and unfolding process, so write down all of your lessons in a list and keep adding to it whenver you learn something new. Ask yourself ‘what can I learn from this experience?’
(Do the first one with them, as them to write it in and then tell me what is it and help them get creative with it.)

Self-talk/sabotage/Release limitations (5 minutes).
The days of self sabotage need to be a thing of the past, because that is 3rd dimensional consiousness. If you tell yourself that you can’t do something then you are limiting yourself immensely. A few years ago, I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams that I qould actually be here now guiding people like you in their lives, and so you shouldn’t limit yourself too. And this starts with ending your self talk and self sabotage. You should look at how you limit yourself and find practical solutions to stop doing that, which means finding ways to take things forward too. For example, if you tell yourself that you are not good enough or gifted enough to be a healer, then with that kind of self-talk, you make it true in your current reality. However, to change that kind of self talk, you could say things such as… I am not currently aware of how I could best use my abilities or gifts to help others, and so I will work on my abilties and gifts, until I find the right path. That’s it, job done. No need to beat yourself up. Just remain open and aware, ebcause then you will receive guidance, whether it is through numbers, synchronicities, de ja vu or something else, but you need to be open and aware to receive that guidance and whatever you do, don’t rush the learning process. Don’t expect things to happen in your time, because they rarely will, things happen in divine time because it’s an unfolding process. IF you don’t like the way you live, find solutions to improve your quality of life. For example, if you don’t like where you live, write it down in one of your lists of things to work on and find solutions with. Don’t give up on things or yourself, just make better decisions because spiritual awakenings are not about working harder, they are about working smarter, using your intuition with everything and not your mind to over-think the process. You can start ending your negative self talk by changing the way you think and speak such as… instead of saying ‘I don’t want a relationship like the last one I had’ because you qill manifest a relationship exactly like the one you had. Instead, say something like… I want different things next time, and I am prepared to wait for as long as it takes to get that, and then you make active steps towards getting the things you want.

* Self Discovery.
Life purpose/discover your authentic self (5 minutes).
Take a look at their life purpose and tell them, their list of qualities, gifts and abilities and compare them to find ways of using those gifts in your life purpose. Find the truth for you by feeling it, seeing it and knowing it. Feel the way forward. Never under-estimate your abilities or gifts, and take control of your life, and don’t allow your mind to do that for you. Work on a practical plan with new ideas utilising your gifts, talents and abilities. Don’t do this in fear, just go for it and have confidence in yourself, and resist the temptation to doubt yourself.

Modalities (5 minutes).
Find out their modalities, based on what they feel drawn to doing and what is guided to them and how etc.

Using your talents, skills and abilities (2 minutes).
Take a look at the lists and expand on them with a new list. Make a list of what it is that you feel you can offer people help with such as…
Relationship guidance.
Career guidance.
Checking people’s options for them.
Helping people who have inner fears.

You don’t have to put those things on your list, they are just examples. what do you feel should be on that list? Put only things that you know you will be naturally good at.

Goals (1 minute).
Now set reachable goals, not to far into the future, and if you’ve already started making lists, make sure they are completely asap so that you can move forward. Write down a stategy for mastering these services that you will offer, bu having a fool proof technique and plan of action, covering every situation. You can do this for example for relationship guidance, and looking at the different types of relationships, and creating imaginary situations, and then solving them in your mind.

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